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Don’t returns to the 512 Bar


The mighty Don’t is back on duty on the 30th August after a well deserved break over the past few months. The club has been pushing The Real Techno for the past few years and the latest line up is no different. The mighty Truss makes his debut at the club and is someone who needs no introduction. He’s been causing quite a stir the past few years with appearances at the likes of Awakenings, Dimensions, Exit Festival, The Berghain and Tresor to name a few. He’s been delivering some of the finest techno around and his sets will leave you in an absolute hoop, which is what you want

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Alex Smoke – RS1403 (R&S Records)

alex smoke

It’s always good when you hear of a new R&S release and it’s all the better when you hear it’s by Alex Smoke. The Scottish producer has been putting outtunes  for over 10 years now on the likes of Soma Records and Vakant , it’s goodto see him return to R&S after last years Dust E.P.  A producer that’s known for his experimenation, RS 1403 sees him make a welcome return to the dancefloor, with each tune on a 4/4 tip. As always, his production is spot on. It’s one of the nicest sounding E.P.’s I’ve heard in a while. There’s so much space and clarity between every sound, with just enough

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