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Combat Recordings 10 Years Compilation


Deadfader, Anodyne The legendary Combat Recordings celebrates 10 years on the go and with a compilation of their colossal roster. Started in 2004 by Stormfield with “Anger is Strength” carved into the inner groove of the first Combat 12”, the label has grown to 34 releases and nearly 50 artists on board. For a relatively small label that stubbornly carves out it’s own warped sonic territory, Combat punches way above it’s weight, remarkable in it’s ability to absorb a wide scope of influences and yet forge a tense sound distinctly it’s own, non-compromising yet constantly evolving, which has won support from the likes of Surgeon, Mary Anne Hobbs, Rob Booth and many

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Sam Binga At Prima Volta


Limerick as City of Culture may have come as a surprise to some who don’t know much about the place. As someone who grew up there I can wholeheartedly say that the culture has always been there but maybe not acknowledged or supported as much as it deserved. Culture comes in all shapes and sizes and it’s thanks to the hard work of local promoters we have a chance to showcase it. Well done to everyone who gets involved, not just in Limerick, but Ireland in general. Supporting local acts, promoting each other in the face of tough times says enough about culture as it is. Prima Volta Weekend brings Limerick alive

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