Toesteppa: Live Mini-mix

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This gem arrived in the inbox yesterday. Recorded to win a slot at this years Body and Soul festival, it’s 17 minutes of live electronica by Irish artist Toesteppa. Not much else is known about the producer(s) except that they’re quality. The mix flows very nice altogether with some gorgeous percussion and dreamy synths that aren’t too far removed from

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Radioactive Man – Waits and Measures Vinyl Release

New Release

Waits and Measures – Radioactive Man’s vinyl is a release we’ve been meaning to review for a while. Regular readers of the blog will know that we are huge fans of the London producer and were lucky enough to have an interview with the man himself. Everything I’ve heard from him has been an absolute gem and having seen him DJ countless

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Skweee: a Scandinavian revelation

Autnote Features
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Inevitable as the similarities between music scenes are, it’s the differences between them that make life interesting and in Scandinavia, that difference is skweee.   But what is skweee and why did it emerge in the northern most parts of Europe? As I delved into the Scandinavian electronic music scene this Spring, the answers to these questions prove to be rather slippery. At first glance

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