Fonix 2 with WagaWaga and Burnibus

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  Fonix round 2! On this month’s show we have WagaWaga and Burnibus.   WagaWaga He explains his beginnings, starting out with synthy stuff when he was younger, moving into dnb and jungle, then shifted into making dubstep, incorporating breaks. Later exploring the 90bpm range as he went sludge tropical. Adding in live drums synths and FX which progressed in

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Interview – Cian Frawley [Backwards / Never Learnt]

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This Friday sees Cian Frawley and John Daly take over Kryptik Nights in the Pav as 60 Miles. Playing alongside Jon Barry and Deasy consider your night sorted for tunes 🙂 I caught up with Frawley ages ago to chat tunes, the Never Learnt label and the Backwards gigs in Limerick. How long have you been running nights in Limerick? Hmmm, since 99 or so

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Bastardo Electrico Antics

Gigs Irish
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Bastardo Electrico have been keeping the beats alive and kicking in Ireland all Summer. Check out these mixes from label boss Jamie Behan, which should keep you going until his next gigs 🙂  Track list: Fishermen- The Four Skulls Joton- Far 03 Paris Mitchell- Ghetto Booty Cochise- Radon (Mark Broom Dubplate Edit) Paul Johnson- Aww Shit Neil Landstrumm- April Acid (Audio Injection Remix) Robotman- Do

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Chrononautz – Moments (Full Album Stream)

Gigs New Release
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The mighty techno outfit Chronoautz have just dropped their debut vinyl release on The Quietus Phonographic Corporation, the record label arm of The Quietus website. And what a release it is as well, serious balls out techno. There’s absolutely no messing around. From metallic snares to evil synths and pulsing kicks, it doesn’t get more real than this. Or Northern (they

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The Black Dog – Commodities & Pavement

New Release
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  The Black Dog take two tracks from their new forthcoming album Neither/Neither and respin them for the floor and head. Cut and Mastered in their Sound Lab deep inside The Socialist Republic Of South Yorkshire. The Black Dog have taken Platform Lvl 6 and Commodification and completely reworked them both with bass and large sounds systems in mind. These

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