Moiré – Hush E.P.

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French duo Moiré describe themselves as ”an electro acoustic duo blending wind instruments, vintage keyboards, dusty drum machines and sounds from the street, to achieve ambient tracks with a deep and introspective atmosphere.” This about perfectly sums their E.P. Hush up. It’s a richly melodic release which shudders between jazz inspired noodlings and Foley sounds that evoke long walks down the Champs-Élysées on a crisp summer night. Tracks like Hush

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Upcoming Electronic Explorations release!

New Release
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Rob Booth from Electronic Explorations is responsible for introducing music to many people around the world. There’s many a mix he’s hosted that we have on repeat at a session and we’re delighted to see he’s not losing his momentum.Well deserving of the shows award winning status I can honestly say I am really excited for his next project.   Rob has picked

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