Ingen And Boris Noiz – Ritual EP (Combat034)

New Release
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When the names Ingen and Boris Noiz appear together you know you’re in for something special. With both producers having a hefty back catalogue of hard and heavy brilliance, a pairing between them was never going to be 120 minimal and it most definitley ain’t. Rituals E.P. sees them take their collective styles and compliment each other perfectly – delivering it

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Ontal – Output E.P.

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Darkfloor Sound do exactly what the name suggests – promote  quality underground dark tunes. Their second release on the label comes from Serbian duo Ontal aka Boriz Noiz and Dekode, two producers who know how to churn out some serious grooves.  It’s 4 tracks of brutal grinding techno. Darfloor’s Bandcamp says it best really ” Together they have produced a stunning,

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