Ben Pest – Live at Skirmish

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Check this out – it’s only Ben Pest’s set from our London party, and it’s absolute quality. Full of funky, groovy ass techno, all his own productions. Nothing else really sounds like this. Imagine Prince, Jeff Mills, Jamie Liddell and an 808 having a foursome basically. Such a great night and we’re delighted he got it recorded. Watch this space

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Skirmix #9 – Welfare & Tamen – Deck Jam Vol II

Irish Mix
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Jungle and DnB crews in Ireland are seriously raising the bar for enthusiasts everywhere. Jungle Boogie!, Rua Sound, RiseUp, Wardance and Subtle Audio are just some of the crews with on the ball bookings, top DJs and quality releases. Keep it coming lads, we’re enjoying every minute of it! Out of all of them jungle’s a genre that in a way defied

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Autnote #1 – Brian Diolún

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Autnote is our latest mix series inspired by the vast amount of music which often gets lost or forgotten. We hope to give listeners a place to find music off the beaten track and give DJs a place to play an alternative style. As a lot of music we share is electronic we’d like a space to share other genres

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Skirmix : Sane

Interview Skirmix
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I first came across Sane as I was trawling through soundcloud looking for something to blow my mind and that’s exactly what he did. It was everything I wanted to hear – fast, heavy and wonky. After getting in touch, he sent me more stuff and every tune was good. A veteran of the London techno scene, he’s been producing tunes

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