Dugdale – Interview & Mix

Interview Irish
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Dugdale is the moniker of friend and personal hero Dan Sykes. His dedication to the Irish music scene is inspirational and has made for some of the best events I’ve ever been to. Macronite, BUMP! Festival, DIE, Lough Weekend and his Component show with RTE Pulse, among others, have left a lasting impression. With a career spanning over the last 10 years, teaching

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Mid-Week Music – Roam – In Dreams

Autnote New Release
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The latest release, In Dreams, from the talented Roam edges towards IDM, ambient and glitch but makes its own impression unlike anything else. It wouldn’t sound out of place as a soundtrack with it’s classical intonations, strong production, luring beats and well sought and placed samples. His varied taste in music and never ending thirst for strange and beautiful sounds shines through and makes for a release you

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Sounds Like Aphex Twin

Mix New Release
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Now that Warp have announced the upcoming Syro release from Aphex Twin I’m on a bit of a reminiscy buzz. The Rephlex Records Showcase posted below was made with fellow music miner, Mad Dog Wallace – Grant Wilson-Claridge, Rephlex’s main man. It’s nice to hear what was getting them going in 2001!  Between blimps, graffiti and deep web code the latest addition to the speculation brigade are

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Akkord – Navigate E.P. (Houndstooth)

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Initially conceived as an outlet for a collective of like-minded artists from the rural outskirts of Manchester, Akkord have already achieved more than the sum of their parts. Having self-released two long sold out records and with their ‘Surge’ track gracing the first ever 12” from the label arm of the incredibly well respected Electronic Explorations; they’ve achieved something of a cult

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Replete – The Replete E.P.

Autnote Irish
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Extremely progressive Irish producer Replete has been nothing but consistent, releasing tune after tune that surpasses the next.  His latest E.P. is no different and firmly establishes him as one of the finest producers around. Tis sin’t the sound of someone ”Bedroom producing” but more the sound of a producer who is completely comfortable with their style and capability. Each track perfectly

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