Review: Ultramagnetic MCs, Critical Beatdown@The Clapham Grand, Friday 5th July

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  After initial rumors that they’d be on stage at the super early time of 8pm due to a club night having to start at 10pm in the venue, we all crammed in while DJ Snuff played a mixture of old and new hip-hop to get people in the mood (including a personal favourite, Stezo “To The Max”) . After

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Burial’s Latest EP – Truant/Rough Sleeper

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Burial is back with his latest release “Rough Sleeper/Truant EP”, following up the highly acclaimed “Kindred” of last year. Kindred marked a huge change in Burial’s sound since his prior release, “Street Halo” released earlier in 2011. Over the last couple of years, a few critics have faulted Burial’s music on the basis that a lot of work shares the

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Lee J Malcolm Presents Terrestrial

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For the release of his first album Folded Spaces on E.P.M last year, Leeds producer Lee J Malcolm put out something deeply interesting. This week sees him return with his latest offering Terrestial. Finding time out from recording with the absolutely wicked post rock outfit Vessels, the multi instrumentalist moves from beyond the guitar to explore synths, subs and drum machines yet again. Lee

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Aphex Twin: Remote Orchestra

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LONDON: Last Wednesday saw the first performance of Aphex Twin’s Remote Orchestra concept at the Barbican Hall.  Aphex Twin: Remote Orchestra featuring The Heritage Orchestra, Barbican © Mark Allan As soon as I heard that one of my musical idols was going to be performing a modified version of his pieces commissioned for lasts year’s European Cultural Congress in Poland, I

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