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Continuing our preview of Bloc 2012, up this week is an interview with Bristolian Addison Groove , who has been shaking soundsystems throughout the UK with his blend of booty bass styling’s. His latest LP Transistor Rythym borrows heavily from the Chicago Juke sound while very much retaining that, well, Addison Groove that he’s known for. Playing on the MS Stubnitz at this years Bloc Weekend, he’ll no doubt he’ll be rocking the boat with his always wicked DJ sets. Skirmish sent a few questions his way ahead of it to talk tunes, LSD and some curious aliases.

Are you happy with the response to Transistor Rhythm? Was it a long work in progress?
Overall the process of the album took about a year but it wasn’t until July 2011 that the idea of a album was made apparent. Some of the tracks have been around for a good while – even before the album was decided. Tracks such as Bad Things and Night To Remember were just edits I made for my live set but I realised after 3-4 months that a few people picked up the tunes and were playing them in their sets such as Pinch and Boddika, so I knew I had some good tracks as starters. Subsequently the idea of a LP came into play and more and more tracks got made. Personally I feel the tracks fit on a LP much better than five singles. That’s why I did a long player. 


Have you any plans to release more stuff under the Headhunter alias or have you more pseudonyms planned?
Errr yeah I plan to put more stuff out under many new names such as ‘Fisting Pterodactyl’, ‘Snuff Muff’ and ”Blueberry Jockstrap’ but I’m still very much into the Addison Groove stuff for the moment and yeah..Maybe I’ll do some Headhunter tunes in the future too.


How do you approach putting a DJ set together?

I wait until about 5 minutes before I’m due to play, take in a good dose of Tequila and ride it out. If the crowd follows me then all the better – it gets me going and I end up playing Breakcore. AGHHHHHHHHHHH RAGE

What are your top three releases at the moment?
I can’t keep up with releases…that’s the beauty of playing your own stuff live but if i had to pick some tunes im feeling at the moment then :

Maetrik – The Reason

Boddika-  Soul What remix

What are the plans for the rest of 2012?

Take more LSD, fix my front tyre on my BMX because its wanked, buy a helicopter to fly to gigs, ride on the back of a kangaroo and maybe put out another 12″ in October. Also focus on the live set for the coming festivals.

Big up to Addison Groove for the interview!! Catch him at the Friday night of Bloc 2012!!

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