Alex Smoke – RS1403 (R&S Records)

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alex smoke

It’s always good when you hear of a new R&S release and it’s all the better when you hear it’s by Alex Smoke. The Scottish producer has been putting outtunes  for over 10 years now on the likes of Soma Records and Vakant , it’s goodto see him return to R&S after last years Dust E.P. 

A producer that’s known for his experimenation, RS 1403 sees him make a welcome return to the dancefloor, with each tune on a 4/4 tip. As always, his production is spot on. It’s one of the nicest sounding E.P.’s I’ve heard in a while. There’s so much space and clarity between every sound, with just enough going on that it doesn’t get lost.  It’s not suprising though, considering the guy lives and breeds music composition, having scored string quintets and worked with the BBC on some scores. 

It’s not just style over substance however, as all the tunes on this are belters. From the haunting vocodered vox on GreenMan to the catharic spiraling  bassline at the end of LSD, he proves that he can deliver the goods when he wants to. But, I guessed that would be the case.

RS 1403 is out on vinyl and digital on the 19th May. You can preview the tracks and  pre-order it over at Juno


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