Alice – How To Be A Human Being (Schematic)

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How To Be A Human Being is the very welcome album by Irish I.D.M producer Alice. The young Dundalk poducer has slowly been building up a steady fanbase the past few years, including Plaid who dropped Daddy Says It’s Like A Teddy on LSD on the Warp retrospective on BBC Radio 1.

It’s easy to see why he’s gaining more attention, his tunes are polished and precise and easily stand up against his counterparts who he takes influences from. While each tune is extremely short at an average of 2 mintes, he explores a number of genres on each track including jazz, blues and techno.

Undoubtedly a gifted producer, I would like to have heard more “songs” on How To Be A Human Being but this is just a vague critique.A a fan of strange I.D.M, I enjoy chaotic soundscapes but the standout tracks for me –Daddy Says It’s Like A Teddy on LSD and 8, are the most groove laden on the album and I’d love to here him do more of this.

A great release that will surely spark some more interest in the electronic music scene for the young producer.

Released through Schematic today on Digital and Limited Vinyl. You can purchase through the Bandcamp below.

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