Ansome – The White Horse

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Ansome is a name you’ve probably been hearing a lot of recently. The young UK producer has been making a name for himself on his home soil as well as further afield the past two years, due to his uncompromising brand of techno.

A hardware fanatic, but by no means an analogue purist, Ansome grabs the full frequency of sound available to him and twists it into a unique and personal take on industrial techno, simultaneously redefining  both the London techno sound and the way techno can be presented in a live context.

Having released on labels such as Mord, No Logic Music and his own South London Analogue Material imprint, he drops his latest offering on Perc Trax, a perfect home for his sound. In my opinion The White Horse is some of his best material yet, serving up a twitching metallic sound that fuses energy with intricacy. The 3rd tune in particular, Garrison, delivers a punch so severe it leaves your jaw hanging on the floor.

This is definitely a release I’ll have on repeat for a long time yet and annoy everyone I meet discussing it’s brilliance.

You can pick it up at the Perc Trax bandcamp below

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