Autnote #5 – Gary Fitz – Grey Skys

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autnote weird skNext up in the Autnote series we have a special audio visual excursion into the outer limits with Gary Fitz! Cuttin’ Heads Collective resident and Eclecto stalwart, this mix is a journey among ghostly and surreal atmospheres, inspired by his love for Science Fiction.

Working closely with video producer Oscar Brophy, they edit and loop Sci Fi videos which makes for an out of this world experience that’s even some bit eerie at times. It’s the type of video mix that’s perfect for melting into sleep or having on in the background after a heavy night out. Here’s a few words from Gary: 

“This audio visual experience is borne out of a love for all things science fiction, be it novels, movies, comics or music. I recorded the mix in 1 go with 3 1210s, xone mixer, bag of vinyl & serato with a sci fi soundtrack in mind. I feel Drone & Ambient lend themselves to that ideal perfectly. Oscar Brophy from Tralee edited & spliced the visuals together, which took a bit of time with the back and forth between us to get something we were happy with”

Delighted to have this in our ever expanding Autnote series. Check it out here: 


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