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Okay, so i’ve never done this blogging thing before, I never really understood it. Im not really sure why anybody would be interested in my views on stuff and never really saw the point. I am however interested in doing this blog as a way of putting up music and as a way of promoting my radio show ( The Mixtape – Every Friday at 4 on Cork Campus Radio) and my own electronic stuff and I really like the idea of putting new bands and music on here in the hope that people will then discover this new music and pass on the word, something similar to sweet oblivions blog and nialler 9’s ( although not even the slighest way as good as both of these which are incredible) but I feel for this reason me doing a blog would be a good thing and not just me ranting stupid opnions about stuff that doesn’t really matter. Music is important however and Im going to use this blog for this reason. Hopefully in the coming months of doing this, ill have interviews up with producers and others from the radio show and new music I’ve found and hopefully this will be of interest to people, or I’ll propably just end up being the only person reading this. Either way, its feeding my internet addction.


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