Ben Pest- Fat Pickins (Balkan Recordings)

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Fat Pickins cover art

One of our favourite producers Ben Pest is hard at work with another new release, this time on the consistently reliable Balkan Recordings and as always from Mr Pest, it’s a banger.

Opener Swim Acroynm, sees him explore his acidity, with a lovely 303 bassline taking the lead . Next track Slo Mo Punch is exactly that and slowly hits you in the face with just the perfect amount of low end swagger. It’s the grooviest punch you’ll ever receive. 

Third track Shutterbug delivers that classic Ben Pest “wonk” sound. The kick is instantly recognisable and pounds under some glorious synthesis that leads to another infectious bassline. Old Bizness is my personal favorite on the E.P. and locks in a groove so tight not even a wrench could unscrew it. The production is sublime – everything gels perfectly – from the other-worldly melody to the keys and bass . Each new element comes in at just the right time.

Hrdvision closes the E.P. with his remix of Slo Mo Punch,more of a fast punch. There are some crazy sounds on it and it’s a great remix.

I can talk about it all day but you seriously need to check it out for yourself.

Check out our interview and mix with the man himself here

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