Mid-Week Music – Roam – In Dreams

New Release
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The latest release, In Dreams, from the talented Roam edges towards IDM, ambient and glitch but makes its own impression unlike anything else. It wouldn’t sound out of place as a soundtrack with it’s classical intonations, strong production, luring beats and well sought and placed samples. His varied taste in music and never ending thirst for strange and beautiful sounds shines through and makes for a release you can enjoy over and over. Always a good sign, especially when it can’t be helped Check out the interview we did with him in 2011 here and listen to In Dreams here:

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Boddika @ Red Social Club, Savoy, Cork

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The Red Social Club in Cork are the proud hosts of Boddika this Friday (20th Nov). Along with a cherry picked selection of local talent the collective of 5 club nights are all set to take the Savoy by storm! The massive venue has been supporting local and international acts side by side across a multitude of genres and is a venue everyone should get to and experience.  Al Green, AKA Boddika, formed Instra:mental with his mate Damon Kirkham (Jon Convex) in the early 00′s. Making tunes combining elements of garage, dubstep and DnB with techno and acid house beats they represented how electronic music doesn’t need to play by the rules but can

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Combat Recordings 10 Years Compilation

New Release
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Deadfader, Anodyne The legendary Combat Recordings celebrates 10 years on the go and with a compilation of their colossal roster. Started in 2004 by Stormfield with “Anger is Strength” carved into the inner groove of the first Combat 12”, the label has grown to 34 releases and nearly 50 artists on board. For a relatively small label that stubbornly carves out it’s own warped sonic territory, Combat punches way above it’s weight, remarkable in it’s ability to absorb a wide scope of influences and yet forge a tense sound distinctly it’s own, non-compromising yet constantly evolving, which has won support from the likes of Surgeon, Mary Anne Hobbs, Rob Booth and many

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Sam Binga At Prima Volta

Features Irish
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Limerick as City of Culture may have come as a surprise to some who don’t know much about the place. As someone who grew up there I can wholeheartedly say that the culture has always been there but maybe not acknowledged or supported as much as it deserved. Culture comes in all shapes and sizes and it’s thanks to the hard work of local promoters we have a chance to showcase it. Well done to everyone who gets involved, not just in Limerick, but Ireland in general. Supporting local acts, promoting each other in the face of tough times says enough about culture as it is. Prima Volta Weekend brings Limerick alive

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Panic Bridge – Take It To The Bridge

New Release
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Ben Pest has been very busy producing music of late; releasing a 12″ on Horror Boogie earlier this year, with forthcoming releases on Fun In The Murky, Balkan Vinyl, a Bebop & Rocksteady EP on Acid Waxa AND has just overseen the return of his Panic Bridge imprint with a brand new 7-track EP on his Bandcamp page. Take It To The Bridge is a welcome return for this uniquely wonked and eclectic dancefloor sound, where he combines his own tracks with collaborations with members of the Pest band – notably Tom ‘Fedka” Marriott and guitarist/vocalist Matt Chandler.

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Mid-Week Mix – The Dorsal Podcast

Radio show
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In need of a mid-week brain fix to make me feel some bit civilised and less fuzzy from the weekends antics. Anyone else? This weeks anti-brain mulch is the Dorsal Podcast from the well spoken selector Tim Howe. Not the durty rave banger mix you might once have expected from Howe but a mix of world music, funk, psychedelia and all that jazz. His Dorsal tunes and ravey Rrritalin chawns are all available to listen here, but give this one a listen if you’re in the mood for something off the beaten track:

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Skirmix and Interview – West Norwood Cassette Library

Interview Mix Skirmix
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Bob Bhamra is an extremely busy man. When not working full time and managing the joys and perils of a newborn baby (Congratulations!!) he finds time to produce tunes as West Norwood Cassette Library and run WNCL Recordings, a label that has an extremely steady release schedule. Add to this DJ gigs, showering and going to get milk, and there’s not much time left for anything else. So, I am extremely delighted that, being the supreme gentlemen he is, he managed to fit time in to deliver a brand new, absolute quality mix for the Skirmix series. You never know what to expect from WNCL and his latest mix is

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Sounds Like Aphex Twin

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Now that Warp have announced the upcoming Syro release from Aphex Twin I’m on a bit of a reminiscy buzz. The Rephlex Records Showcase posted below was made with fellow music miner, Mad Dog Wallace - Grant Wilson-Claridge, Rephlex’s main man. It’s nice to hear what was getting them going in 2001!  Between blimps, graffiti and deep web code the latest addition to the speculation brigade are these recently discovered Soundcloud clips under a fake monikor, Richrud D Jomes. Some are from over a year ago with the main set uploaded the day before the official release announcement. Whether its another fake, a teaser or the real thing it will all be discovered on the 23rd I guess!

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Patrick Zigon- Ich See (Biotop)

New Release
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  German producer Patrick Zigon drops his first release in 2 years on his homegrown label Biotop, an imprint which is focused on ”open minded and experimental electronic artists”. Title track ”Ich See” is an absolute gem. A seriously deep and dubby bassline floats over a rigid beat and sounds like the perfect opener to any set. Two remixes accompany the title track courtesy of Pablo Bolivar and Noah Pred. Bolivar sticks close to the original, adding a huge organ-bassline, which makes it even more melodic, deep and housy. For his stamp Noah Cred completely rebuilds the track. He adds noises and bleeps, and delivers a techy, trippy voyage. Ich

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