Cassegrain & Tin Man: High & Low

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casstinmanI remember hearing a tune of Tin Mans played out at the end of a Blawan set in the Pav about a year ago and immediately needing to find more of those sheer acidy golden grooves. Having found a lot of his tunes that I really enjoyed, among my favourites were his collaborations with Cassegrain on the Berlin imprint KilleKill. With one EP, Carnal, already under their belt, they’ve since released their latest High and Low EP, which I’ve decided to have a little rant about ūüôā¬†

Tin Man’s classic acid tracks background ruffled up with Cassegrains bounding techno makes for a very enhancing collaboration. Cassegrain are full of techno rollers, bringing solid beats for gurners feet without ever being over bearing. Certainly masters of their art, I admire how they take advantage of the space between the beats, expanding the soundscapes, and overall, create a tune which has plenty of room for maneuver.¬†

At the whopper length of 10 minutes I was surprised that the first track,¬†High & Low,¬†never left me waiting on the end. The¬†seemingly¬†endless rolling 303, complimented ¬†by a resounding kick reverbed just right among the clattering percussive atmospheres resulted in a tune I’d be happy to listen to any day of the week.¬†

Although Sex Kit has a slow progression, its¬†groove will seep into your pores and before you know it you’ll be bopping your head in a dark corner waiting for the kicks to launch their attack. But in this case, that job is for the Dj as its teaser quality can make it stronger as a mixing tune than as a stand alone track.

Having mastered the hooky synth line in  Sand Maze, the acidy build up is so lush it would almost bring you to a stand still. The resultant atmosphere is pretty calming.

Overall, I really enjoyed the direction this EP undertook. While in the right hands, it could be used to tear a dance floor apart, as a stand alone EP, it punches in well overall.

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