Collective Beats #2

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Plenty of my fondest memories come from summer excursions to random places in search of a session. I’m sure a lot of Skirmish readers will be familiar with the epic search for the ultimate party themselves and I‘m sure you know how great it can be when it all just comes together. Good weather would be nice to top it all off (but let’s face it, we haven’t let a bit of rain stop us before), dacent tunes and a load of sound heads up for the laugh means we can be a very receptive crowd for the almighty sessions when they arrive.

Well here’s one for the diaries – April 20th(This Saturday) – Collective Beats. An all day festival based in East Cork has brought about a great lineup full of quality tunes and loads of day time musical entertainment. I caught up with some of the tune makers and players to find out what they have in store for us.

Skirmish: So Eoin, what’s the craic for the day?
Electric Foxx: We’ve loads of live producers, Dj’s, visual artists, as well as some Dj tutorials and a record fair! We also have artwork, handmade crafts and food available.

The concept of the event is to bring like minded people with a mutual appreciation and enthusiasm for electronic music and art together to perform, listen, share ideas, learn from one another and enjoy the event in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Sk: Who’s involved in the organising?

EF: The idea for Collective Beats came about from my friend Brian O’Sullivan (Jet Li) and myself. We continuously discussed holding a night at which we both could perform, and how great it would be to have a mixed line-up of acts and styles from people we knew from Corks thriving electronic scene.

I held my first event as a teenager, with no internet or mobile phones, just word of mouth and hand drawn posters being enough to draw a crowd. Things are very different now. Getting the balance between booking recognized acts to fill venues and keeping door prices affordable to most while not losing your shirt is a very hard thing to do. Something I have much respect for promoters such as Bastardo ElectricoRise Up, Electric Underground, DubCulture, Jet Li ProductionsFish Go DeepMonotonikCtrl Alt Delete, Bangers & Mash, Click Cork, The Hobo Convention and many others for consistently doing. Without them Cork wouldn’t have the electronic scene it has now.



Sk: What inspires you to keep making tunes and running gigs?

EF: Music is a hard and often disappointing industry to try break into. Your expectations can outweigh the reality of what you’ll get back, but having spent over 20 years around and involved in it I’ve learned that for me personally it’s now all about just enjoying the doing, creating, expressing yourself and meeting like minded people. Whether performing or just listening, anything that may happen after that is a nice bonus.

I find my inspiration for writing music comes from listening to as many diverse genres as I can. Going to gigs, watching online tutorials, reading books, travelling and interacting with other musicians and producers. I grew up in a family of musicians so it’s always been a huge part of my life.


Discovering music such as Nik Kershaw, Jan Hammer and Eurythmics in the 80s got me hooked to the sound of synthesizers and drum machines. Later on in the 90s hearing the Orb, Orbital, and Eat Static influenced me into producing computer music. Sasha & Digweed, Timo Mass and many nights out in Sir Henrys gave me my love for Djing.

 These day’s my bass, acoustic guitar, turntables and little home studio are all I need to write and have fun with music..for now.

We also got the chance to catch up with Rise Up main man  Jonezy about his plans for the Summer:

J: Summer 2013 is gonna be a gooden for sure! Looking forward to playing Life Festival and then Outlook in Croatia this September. The launch parties will be great nights in the Pavillion in Cork! First up in collaboration with Bastardo Electrico, Noizebox & Monotonik is the Life launch with Prosumer & Pariah. It’s not often you get two headliners in one night in Cork so I’m proper excited about it. Pariah’s made some great tunes too, Slump and Auflen Whip are never far from the front of my record pile!

Then on May 10th with DubCulture we’ve got Mungo’s HiFi. Rob & myself have been on about booking these lads for years so it’s good to finally do it. Our best memories of Mungo’s have always been from festivals so we thought it was fitting to get them for our Outlook festival launch.

Apart from these there’s loads of other class stuff going on in the next few months with the return of Lough Weekend and Collective Beats in Lisgoold. Lough Weekend was one of the most fun,craziest and memorable weekends of last year and I’m sure it’s only gonna get better this time round. I never made it to Collective Beats last year but I’m looking forward to playing this one. I’m gonna be playing dubstep cos that’s what they’ve asked but there’ll be a good chunk of 4×4 spacey dungeon dubstep/techno crossover stuff thrown in. Im gonna be playing a lot of different style sets over the summer depending on who I’m playing with, but I’m mostly looking forward to playing at Life. It’s most likely gonna be an hour of oldskool jungle, but nothings set in stone yet. BIGUP all the crew who come to my nights and listen to me playing tunes there’s a lot of good things to come in the next 6 months!

Jus from The Hobo Convention  joined us for a chat. These Hobos have been putting on great gigs in Cork, full of savage lineups including MynameisjOhn, Flying Buttresses, Replete and loads more:

I’ll be playing in  the afternoon so I’ll be keeping things fairly laid back. All vinyl. I’ll basically be playing a lot of the stuff that has been working well at the Hobo Convention. A lot of forward thinking hip hop stuff. I try to work in as many Irish producers as I can. That’s getting a lot easier to do these days. There’s been a steady stream of decent vinyl releases from Irish beat makers lately.

The quality of electronic music coming out of Cork, and Ireland in general, has really risen over the last two or three years. It’s great to see these little festivals popping up to showcase that.

Personally I’m really looking forward to the producer and Dj workshops. I’ll be doing a little one on scratch Djing myself. The arts and craft section is a cool addition, and it will be good to meet some of the people playing who I only know through their music. Also looking forward to checking out Lisgoold.. Never been there!


Jet Li chats about his upcoming plans:

SK: What’s in store for this saturday Jet Li?

JL: What I have planned set wise – to be honest nothing yet, most likely wont plan till closer to time. In my head i think of djing like a musical journey or trip. I try put together tunes musically that like each other and take me somewhere, it might not be the same journey for everybody but that’s why you try keep an eye out for the reaction of the crowd.

You can’t really have a set that’s all hitting hard or soft you need to move it about – for me that’s where the art of Djing is now more than ever, since vinyl is less and less – its become a different art form that just mixing beats as that is so much easier now with cds and laptop mixing.

SK: Where does your inspiration come from?

It comes from not fitting in, really not fitting in anywhere from an early age. I just did not like what I was hearing. I was not into bands and stuff like all my school mates were into, did not like watching soccer – I enjoyed playing sports but just never watched it, as it was such a waste of time. In fact almost all tv is a waste of time.

I spent all my time messing with speakers, sub boxes, trying to get things louder in my room at home, and then making turntables and mixing consoles out of scrap bits I would find. That was my hip hop days and then when I heard jungle it just flipped a switch in my head and I still can’t get enough of it. My inspiration i guess comes from music all ways being there, i used and use it as an escape from society and still to this day my head and life is constantly preoccupied by it.

SK: What are you looking forward to at the gig?

I’m looking forward to playing with MC Bassline again as last year was so much fun, and when you’re playing with someone like him you can take things on an whole other trip.

There is nothing I love more than djing in life, bar my family, in fact I would go as far as saying that djing is part of my family.


Although we would’ve liked to catch up with more people on the lineup, we just didn’t have the time, so last but not least are a few words from Tinorous:

This will be my first gig in over 5 years, so I will be playing tunes from my last 2 EPs Aetheria and Plink. I will also be playing some new tunes off my upcoming EP which is currently being mastered at the moment. The tunes on my upcoming EP and my last 2 have been written using a Nintendo DS so they have be written pretty much in an old school style. All my music can be downloaded for free from my bandcamp page.

The full lineup includes some other tune heads too : 

Spekulative Fiktion, Jamie Behan & Warren Knowles, Púca, Coherx, Reine & Ted Berner. This is definitely a show that is not to be missed! Check the facebook for more details and have a mad laugh 🙂 


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