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This weekend sees the Community Skratch Games take over Galway as part of the now traditional Easter Weekender. Swarms of music fans head wesht and it’s no wonder they’ve built up a serious following! Not just for hip hop lovers or skratch fans they always have a diverse lineup which has left fans reeling every year since they began in 2007. Get a slice of last year’s action by checking out this fantastic feature by Ray Wingnut, the host of this year’s festivities:

Local tune fiend Deviant curated the lineup and he’s picked some fine shtuf indeed. Before we get caught up in the hype here’s some music stuff that caught our ears:


DJ Chile – champion of skratch music and respected online tutorial dude, check out his site which has a fuckload of tutorials and quotes to inspire even the laziest of us. The video shows him having a mad laugh with his Electribe tazzing away too, really looking forward to his show. Get in for 5 to hear him kick things off.

Noid the Droid of Bap to the Future tunage joins the CSG team to go mental on some synths and whack out beats that would turn your local priest to the lazer loving life. After the fantastic year Bap to the Future had with lineups, (responsible for bringing Ancient Methods, Blawan and the likes over) we’re looking forward to hearing what he bates out at 8pm. Get a go off his mix here on the !Kaboogie mix back catalogue!

JusMe’s been giving Cork a bita soul for years now and his Hobo Convention events are just the start of it. Regularly gigging and flying the vinyl flag high he’s always a guaranteed good buzz. He starts at 10.30 but sure you’ll be up the front by then anyway : )


Feckin bands an’all! Spoiled for choice again on the Sunday we’re looking forward to seeing Zinc, an as of yet unknown Irish band made up of 3 lads who’re by reputation all dacent. As I haven’t heard them yet I can only wonder, but I’m proper excited there’s a band on board to shake things up a bit. They open on Sunday at 5.

Clerk 5/Deviant – pretty exciting collaboration as we see organiser Deviant beat things up with MC Clerk 5. Always up for hearing an Irish slant on the MC buzz it’s sounding and looking like we don’t want to miss this one. 9.15 – see you up the front!

Wat Tyler’s Soundcard sees 3 forces get together to scratch the shit out of it and play some music from 10.30. Jimmy Penguin, Jimmy Hatetank and DJ Chile have been making and breakin tunes for years so their skill level is TOP. Interesting stuff in store from this bunch!

AND of course, the Battle Royale kicks off at 9.30 Saturday, serious shnares up for grabs and a Pro X Fader for the winner and runner up : ) For more info about the full lineup, good reads and 32 FREE releases get on their site here:

If you’d like to see more from this talented crew get supporting over at Kickstarter. Their campaign is to fund the pressing of  a skipless skratch vinyl and although they may have reached their quota a little extra push will get more tunes in your ears. There’s also two albums from Jimmy Penguin collaborating with both Jimmy Hatetank and Djackulate. Give an auld click here and find out more.

So that’s that anyway! If you want to get involved in the Skratch Battle Royale rock up with your goodself and get involved. Beats are picked by the judges and anyone can enter. More info on their Facecraic page here.



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