Cuttin’ Heads 2nd Birthday!

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Cuttin’ Heads Collective celebrate their 2nd Birthday Sat Nov 11th and 12th with the main event taking place in the Poor Relation, Cork, featuring a sick line up of acts! Day 2 takes place in the Vicarstown Bar with residents and guests on the 1s and 2s. 

This year they’re joined by a whole host of turntable aficionados, beat masters, skratch heads and masters of all things cut’n’paste. The 15 strong Cuttin’ Heads team encompasses designers, producers, DJs, breakers and rappers whose talents bring a fresh slice of Irish style to the constantly growing hip hop community. Projects members have been involved with over the years include nights like !Kaboogie, The Hobo Convention, Eclectoballs, Skirmish Blog and festivals such as LiveStyles Fest, Prima Volta and Townlands Carnival.

Hosting the celebrations are the fantastic Ray Wingnut alongside talented rapper Shaool from This Side Up. Bringing their unique humour and vast music knowledge they’ll no doubt set the pace for what is sure to be a big weekend.


The last year has seen Cuttin’ Heads get a monthly residency in the Poor Relation hosting an extensive list of acts including This Side Up, DJ Mek, Major Grave, Jonen Dekay and lots of other great acts. Hip hop is the backbone to their events but they always have a taste for the experimental side which is clearly seen through their bookings.

Having gone from strength to strength over the year some of the highlights include booking one of the most influential rappers to come out of the UK; Jehst. Other achievements include residents Jus Me and Itchi supporting the Invisible Skratch Piklez and the whole crew hosting a takeover at Townlands Carnival.

This years Birthday sees a lot of talent come to Cork joining residents:


Naive Ted is mad for tea, wrestling, Wu-Tang and Steve Reich. Notable releases include the trad folk skratch mess that is ‘Send in the Hounds‘, the eponymous Vince Mack Mahon LP and the cult rap classic ‘Orson Welles‘ with rhyme partner Sebi C.

His latest series of experimental beats, ‘The Minute Particulars’ are a welcome addition to his extensive back catalogue and further reinstate his role as one of the leading talents in Irish experimental beat making and skratching.

He always brings absolute fire to his performances and even his DJ sets are like a live set. Expect everything from ripped up techno beats to metal and hip hop. Nothing is out of his reach.


Since the debut EP release ‘One’ in 2015, Lakerama’s Graeme S (Hsuan Records) and Senita (Shookrah) have received plaudits from several high profile, national online and press publications including Nialler9, The Irish Times, BBC Ulster, The Thin Air and have played support to Taylor McFerrin, SassyBlac, Princess Nokia and Saul Williams.

Lakerama’s follow up EP, ‘Contactless’ weaves together a pulsating electronic hybrid grime and mutant house beats balanced dynamically over soft but powerful vocals. Senita has surfaced as a familiar name in the Irish R&B and electronic music scene with her band Shookrah collaborating with household Irish names such as Le Galaxie, Daithí and Bantum.

Meanwhile, Graeme runs the quiet success story of Hsüan records. Producing woozy, intricate fast-paced beats, his work has featured across high profile international publications (Complex, The Fader, Pitchfork, Dummy,) receiving airplay on BBC R1, BBC Radio 6, Rinse FM, NTS amongst others.


Lewis James is a musician and sound designer whose productions break all the genre defining barriers leaving people happily confused as to what actually just happened. Influenced most notably by his love of hip hop, soul, electronica and bass music he easily blends styles using his turntablist skills to create intense atmospheres as quickly as they descend into unholy dnb, bass and jungle territory.

Lewis is a multi-instrumentalist and a producer of impressive diversity. Throughout his career he has worked in a lot of different areas as well as the music scene including Film, TV and Games with a variety of talent including, Tyler Bates, Lorn, Om Unit, D-Styles, Kid Drama, Voids and Grandeurs Of Delusion to name but a few.

His unique approach to combining the worlds of Music and Sound Design is the keystone of his colourful, intense and sometimes sometimes surreal sound.

He released his first EP on Tokyo’s Raid System in 2012, Followed by several releases on Original Cultures / Shoot Recordings / CosmoNostro / Low Riders Recordings. His latest release is an absolute gem and you’re under strict Skirmish orders to buy it now –  you won’t regret it. 



Waking Android sees the coming together of two well known figures in the Belfast hip-hop scene, dsgrace & Kronus. Outside of creating music, the pair are also heavily involved with the team at Antidote EmCees under the Elixir banner, striving to bring the best live acts from Ireland, the UK and beyond to Belfast. 2017 alone has saw the collective bring the likes of Jesht, Physiks, Shogun, Strange U & Grim Pickinz to the city from overseas while simultaneously shining a light on the ever blossoming wealth of talent from the island itself.

Danny Droppit, Jay Suttin, Evol MC, ill Cast, Sammy Goodknees and Cut Colum make up the DBMC’s. Coming from the 3 points of the triangle in norfkoast of Ireland and working under Rat Out Records, their self made 100% organic free range record label they have brought a fresh hype and energy to the Irish hip hop scene.

Their blatant disregard for ‘swaggot culture’ and unwavering appetite for authentic Irish lyricism and values makes them one of the driving forces behind a new movement in the north of Ireland. Expect a high energy, in your face, down your throat live experience where the first 3 rows will get wet. Having previously supported top hip-hop acts such as Jehst, Physiks & Shogun, DJ Woody, DJ Format, Mr Thing, DJ Flip, & DJ Snuff these lads know the craic so you’re in for a treat.


A talented turntablist in pursuit of a one man band approach to performing music his skills won him the UK IDA 2016 Show Champion, raising the bar for turntablists everywhere. Also part of the Bristol based Super Scratch Sunday Crew you can expect tight routines cut up to bend your ears and make your knees wobble!


Ennis native, Clerk 5 came out of nowhere a couple of years back with his banging debut, Authority Figures (produced by Naive Ted). He delivers effortless multi syllable raps with a raw honesty that hits home. Authority Figures 2 should is unleashed later this year.

Stay updated with Cuttin Heads Collective on their socials and be warned>  get in early for tomorrows gig which will more than likely be sold out quickly if last year’s birthday is anything to go by ! 


Shiv x

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