Fonix 2 with WagaWaga and Burnibus

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Fonix round 2! On this month’s show we have WagaWaga and Burnibus.



He explains his beginnings, starting out with synthy stuff when he was younger, moving into dnb and jungle, then shifted into making dubstep, incorporating breaks. Later exploring the 90bpm range as he went sludge tropical. Adding in live drums synths and FX which progressed in DSP midi processing and exploring FM synthesis. Switching back to a dub and 2 step, WagaWaga indulges with a lot of current remixes in the jazz and world music variety.

As for gigs, he has a few dates planed in Bristol for Tiki, Gorecore and Jungle Syndicate. Also, some dates in New Zealand at Twisted Frequencies and ponies and discombobulation festivals along with the possibility of playing in Australia. 

The set WagaWaga has planned for Fonix is a blend of unreleased tracks that he’s been planning to work into an album before the year is out. As always, rooted in dub, Waga explores a 2 step house vibe, with sampled worldly vocals.  

More from WagaWaga over on:


Manchester based Burnibus was previously running his own show on Intergalactic FM called Unknown Frequencies, until the demise of the station itself.

He has been at it for 15 years now with releases on Acre recordings (which is run by last months appearing artist C-Mantle) and on Elemental Voices and Electro Compendium. There will be a free E.P. coming out later in the year, some more down tempo stuff, with a potential release on a local label. 

Sadly no upcoming gigs but Burnibus did say he’s available to play at any raves, weddings or christenings near you 😉 

The set Burnibus has prepared for us was performed on his trusty Korg ESX and run through Ableton for some live effects. Some interesting progression with his dark broken beat techno. 

You can catch more from him over at:


And here’s the link to the show. I hope you guys enjoy it : 




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