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baloon skullWelcome to the first monthly installment of Fonix – a new show consisting of artists having the space to do whatever interests them. From tweaking knobs and pushing buttons, to selectively preparing a live set and just having good fun at what they love to do.  

On our first show we have:

Swarm Intelligence:

A Dublin born Producer now residing in Berlin and working for Ableton. He has his third album coming out on Ad Noiseam with a further three EP’s in the pipeline. Be sure to check out his radio show, Stalker Radio, which he runs alongside Rory St. John, another Dublin Berliner making brilliantly twisted constructed sounds. His set for us is a sample of what he played at a Berlin night called, Resonance. 

Catch more from Swarm over on:


Label runner of Acre Recordings and releasing on the likes of Earwiggle, Handsette, Spacebar Sentiments and Electrix Records, he’s no stranger to slaughtering your speakers, as I’m sure he will. His 30 minutes consists of released and unreleased material from Chris as C-Mantle and his other alias Opine Ko$insky. 

More from C-Mantle on:

Sub Routine: 

One of the organisers and residents of Cork based night, Procss, Sub Routine gives a taster of what he recently played out at Townlands Festival and has planned for up and coming gigs. 

We’ll be sharing the show on the event page so check back in here at 9pm! 


Fonix Show  #1  


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