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12735659_898821940238085_1642743445_nI’ve been tipping away on the airwaves of Future Music since August 2015 playing all sorts of madness alongside loads of other great shows. I’ll be posting old one’s here. Give me a shout if you want track ID’s or downloads. Tracks should come up on Mixcloud though.

The show goes out every second Saturday from 10pm – 12. Get locked in! I’ve some really good guest mixes and interviews. Some shows are pre-recorded but been trying to go live as much as possible, you’ll get a laugh at how much I say bangin’ at the very least. I don’t practice any of these mixes except for ones coming up to a gig so except some nonsense carry on for the craic ; )


13.08.16 w/guest mix from Nez [Computer Controlled Records]

Hailing from Belfast Nez is without a doubt one of Ireland’s best DJs. Playing eclectic mixes of techno, acid, and electro along with a whole host of other sounds from the underground, it’s all excellently complemented by his superb mixing style.

His acid driven vinyl label, Computer Controlled Records, promises to “encompass the raw analogue sounds of Chicago & Detroit style techno, house and electro.” It got off to a flying start a little under 2 years ago with Mark Forshaw’s excellent Explorer EP, and has moved on with purpose, pressing great additions from Chris Moss Acid and TX Connects.

Along with hosting the Computer Controlled Radio series he’s been busy playing alongside the likes of Hudson Mohawke, DMX Krew, Michael Forshaw and loads more. This is a guest mix he recorded for us ahead of the gig he played with us along with Trevor Wilkes [Fun In The Murky]. 

30.07.16 w/guest mix from Inflatable Fuhrer

This is a deadly mix from Act Normal’s Inflatable Fuhrer! Regular on the UK bassline/garage/ jungle/ bangerzz scene he’s one to watch if you want to rave. Big ups Rossk!


2.07.16 w/guest mix from Wotta Mess

Wotta Mess joins the Skirmix series with a whopper mix of ravey, wonkey techno bizniz. I’d just got new records and decided to whack them on so expect some dodgy mixing and mental tunes to warm up  ; ) 


18.06.16 w/guest mix from Eomac

Back in 2012 we interviewed Eomac, one of Ireland’s best and most well known producers. He was kind enough to give us an exclusive mix which listening back to now really stands the test of time.

Not one to be pigeon-holed this particular mix shows his taste in dubstep and bass music was as important to him as techno, especially in 2012. He flawlessly mixes in grime alongside IDM reworks of his own tracks. Check out the interview we did back then with him here.

I was delighted to bring this mix to new ears. Some of our Skirmix’s get buried away so it’s always great to remind people of the quality that has gone down and is still yet to come. My mix is as usual a genre-defying mix up of a load of random tunes I didn’t really plan, but I quite like how it came out. Check it here:


21.5.16 – 2 x guest mixes – Fedka ze Irritant w/Ben Pest & Benswan

This one’s experimental nature can leave you questioning exactly what’s going on at times, which is why I love it. It’s what happens when you make electronic music, play in a funk band and merge the two together. In Fedka’s case this includes the trombone, sure why not! Fedka and Ben, both in Ninja Tune signed band Pest exert their electronic madness in this set recorded at a gig they played for Mitocondri in Milan.

The trombone is wired up to many fx pedals and played live with a load of other hardware [i think an octatrack at least] along with Bens set up which I find hard to keep up with it but is always impressive. Their releases together and independently can only be described as wonky funk. It’s a lota fun, fills dance floors and always brings something new to music. 

Following their live set is a mix from fellow Skirmish/Output resident Benswan. He’s getting a well deserved reputation for being a ravey, bouncy versatile DJ [and soon to be released producer!]. He cuts through styles bringing everything from juke to jungle with a huge love for bassline and general ravey wonkyness .Lotsa craic in store here: 


07.5.16 – SíDúBí Session – w/JDdyslexxic [Cuttin Heads Collective]

So this one was a bit of a mission as my live recording didn’t exactly work out on the weekend..oh technology! But delighted that JDdyslexxic [Robbie] recorded his! Been eager to feature all the Cuttin Heads crew at some stage, there’s a load of us and we all have our own slant and variety of styles and techniques up our sleeves. It’s a great way to learn and a seeing as we play different venues we get to adapt our styles quite a bit. Robbie’s got some durty hip hop and trippy tunes in store, check it out, not too heavy, good for chillin:


26.3.16 – JusMe Autnote and Skratch Lords exclusive!

Seriously hyped about this one! Got the chance to play out some tunes along the lines of which you’d hear me play at a Cuttin’ Heads Collective night, absolute beauts of tunes in this one. My fellow CHC resident JusMe is a huge inspiration to me and I’m delighted to share his Autnote mix with you cus it deserves to be heard everywhere. It’s been on my phone since it came out last year and it’s not leaving. Download is available on our Soundcloud.

The Skratch Lords are a crew of turntablists and music legends that have featured at the Community Skratch Games for the last number of years. Always tearing the place to pieces and bringing a performance not often found elsewhere I was honoured to host a guest mix from the massive. Check out their set at Townlands Carnival this Summer to get the full experience.

27.2.16 – Energy Collective Special!

Had an amazing time playing with the Energy Collective in Dublin recently. I was glad to have the opportunity to bring out the bass heavy, ravey, cheesey numbers! This is a mix of some of that style with a few spanners thrown into the works for good measure. Only a couple of fuckups in this one, wahey 😉

13.2.16 w/Jimmy Penguin Skirmix

One of my favourite mixes here from Alkalinear Recordings/Community Skratch Music / music boss Jimmy Penguin. Check it: 


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