Ingen And Boris Noiz – Ritual EP (Combat034)

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When the names Ingen and Boris Noiz appear together you know you’re in for something special. With both producers having a hefty back catalogue of hard and heavy brilliance, a pairing between them was never going to be 120 minimal and it most definitley ain’t.

Rituals E.P. sees them take their collective styles and compliment each other perfectly – delivering it pure, raw and industrial. Combat Recordings is the perfect home for this as well. It’s a label that’s consistently stuck to it’s guns and never followed any trends whatsoever- just putting out one banger after another.

Everything on Rituals is done with precision- from the synthesis to the kick drum. Oh that lovely kick drum. I imagine it’ll be the first sound you hear when the apocalypse happens and I’ll be ready. Listening to it in headphones is an experience-I’ve never felt so evil walking around Tesco in all my life and I loved it!

Released on the 22 May, it also features a remix from mentalists Fausten, the collective pairing of Monster X and Stormfield, which should give you an idea of what this is all about.

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