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Small places have a way of breeding talent. Iceland has Bjork and Sigur Ros, Cornwall has Aphex Twin and Luke Vibert and Dundalk has Yeahhbuzz. The 21 year old has serious talent and is currently making a buzz of his own around Ireland the UK with his brand of bassline madness. Relatively still a newcomer, he’s already garnered interest from Coin Operated, the respected bass heavy label, who are adding him to a compilation in November and who have releases out by the likes of Kanji Kinetic, Rrritalin, Michael Forshaw and Pirate Soundsystem . It’s not suprising, as Yeahhbuzz has a sound that fits perfectly with the labels output and is more than capable of holding his own among the aforementioned producers. With this and remixes from Michael Forshaw and Heapy on the way, the future certainly looks bright for the young Irish producer and I was delighted that he agreed to do an interview for the blog ahead of his gig in Cork next Thursday the 20th October in Bourbon Street. He was also kind enough to record an exclusive mix that cannot be heard anywhere else and it’s unbelieveable. It’s relentless from start to finish and if it’s anything to go by his Cork gig is gonna be insane. Cannot wait!!

How long have you been producing and what sparked the interest?

Em, well I first “produced” tunes when I was like 13 or so and my parents got me that game Music for the ps1… Wrote loads of tunes with that, I reckon I was a more prolific and talented producer then than I am now! I played drums in a load of bands for a few years, but I wasn’t really into producing electronic stuff again until I was about 17 and I got Fruity Loops and heard Aphex Twin and Venetian Snares and stuff and wrote some awful noisy breakcore… as I got more and more into electronic music I kept at it really, and for about 2 years now i’ve been writing heavy bass stuff.

You recently got signed to the excellent Coin Op label. How did that come about?

Yeah that was fantastic! I’m pretty sure Tim Rrritalin heard one of my tunes on soundcloud, and he just messaged me saying that he was now co-running Coin Op and that they were putting out a 4-track various artists release in November and would I like to be on it. To which, of course, the answer was fucking yes please! I was totally blown away like, didn’t expect that at all!

What do you make of the Irish scene at the moment? How is the scene in Dundalk?

Ah yeah it’s pretty deadly yeah! Well there’s plenty of fabulous producers and dj’s from all over the country, and a fairly broad mix of styles about too, the likes of yer own Psymonok, Sample Junkie from Limerick and my mate Shere Kahnn from Dublin, and loads more I can’t think of now. Dundalk, being a small town as it is is fairly quiet on the kinda gig front, but even here there’s the Rastachaun crew who’ve been hammering out fine Dnb and Dubstep for years, and I know a few young producers from round here who’ve definitely got tha skillz. On the gig front there’s the and Bad Taste lads in Belfast who have been bringing over fantastic acts from far and wide, and especially stuff from the heavier side of dance music, something I haven’t seen a lot of in Dublin recently.

How does the tune making process work and how do you get that bass sound?

Em, I generally start of a tune by having a hook in mind, like maybe a rhythm I dreamt up i my head, or a sample from a game or a tv show or something that I wanna drop in somewhere, something to make the song “about” like. But yeah after that, it’s just getting a basic pattern down and letting the song grow from there, listening back to it a million times and seeing how i feel about it. All the basses in my tunes come from Albino 3 by Rob Papen, which is an absolutely fabulous vst which I have been using for years, and have never tired of.

What producers/dj’s are you into at the moment?

Well in the last few weeks or so I discoverd that I had been hugely missing out on Current Value, got a mix of his from a few years back that I have been listening to constantly, tis fucking pure deadly. Also in heavy rotation is a Night Slugs mix by L-Vis 1990 that has totally been doing it for me, tasty bass grooves n stuff. Also the Phatworld EP, collaboration between one half of Squire of Gothos and Dankle, been out a few months now but it’s still just fucking deadly, mad happening bassline joy.

Who or what are your three biggest influences?

Hmmm, not sure now. I gotta say Kid606, cause he was probably the first producer I listened to who did stuff other than breakcore, got me into less mental sorta styles of dance music, and through remixes the first time I heard the likes of Squire of Gothos and Kanji Kinetic, who are huge influences on the kinda stuff I’m writing now especially. Other than that, I’m not sure, it’s lots of bits of everything. Venetian Snares was a big one for me a few years back, and also probably The Avalanches, that Since I Left You album was the first kinda “mix” I ever heard that made me wanna start djing and mixing songs together into a big continuous mix.

When you play gigs, is it a complete live set or a DJ set?

I just dj, using traktor and a wee midi controller, never had the know-how or the gear to do any live performances, which suits me anyway.

What are the plans for the future?

As far as the future goes I just wanna keep writing tunes and hopefully having a few more releases, I have the Coin Op one in November, and also a digital release of tune Killinger with Bass Hound records in Decemeber, which will feature remixes from the likes of Michael Forshaw, Heapy and Flufftronix. So yeah I’m looking forward to that, and getting more gigs and stuff. Have vague notions of maybe moving to England in the next year or so and perhaps start playing there, but thats all dreams now!

Finally, Oasis or Blur?

Fuck Oasis.

Big up to Yeahhbuzz for the interview and superb mix below:

Yeahbuzz Skirmish Mix by Skirmishblog on Mixcloud


15/10 (Tomorrow)- with Jerome Hill, Lukes Anger, P-Hocto And Deviant. Auntie Annies, Belfast (Check facebook page here for more information)

20/10 – with Psymonok. Bourbon Street, Cork (Check facebook page here for more information

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