Jamie Grind – Interview

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Leeds producer Jamie Grind has been making waves on the UK Garage/Bass scene for a good few years now. Having started as a Hip Hop MC, his sound have seen him encompass the UK Grage and Bass scene with remixes for the likes of Hackman and Thieves as well as putting out EP’s for the likes of Fortified Audio and Infrasonics. We sent some questions his way to find out about, amongst other things, his relocation to Leeds and working with major labels.

Firstly, I suppose, what inspired you to start creating electronic music?

Boredom mainly

You recently relocated back to Leeds after spending some time in London and Manchester. What spurned the move back to Leeds? Do you find you’re more creative there?

I was living with a girl in Manchester, but the relationship went down the shitter so I moved back to Leeds just to chill on my own for a bit – so I’m here for the time being but will probably find my way back to London at some time in the near future. But Leeds is definitely my home first and foremost.

How do you think your sound has developed over the years?

It hasn’t

You’ve released on labels such as Fortified Audio, Infrasonics and providing remixes for the likes of EMI and Universal. How is it dealing with a major labels over independent imprints? Have you any aspirations to set up your own label?

In my experience, there’s been little difference to be honest. Apart from the obvious difference of the money involved. As for the label, there’s a couple of older unreleased tunes of mine I’d quite like to put out, so maybe I’ll release them myself them at some point.

How do you approach a remix? Is it a different process than making your own tunes?

Its very similar to making a tune of my own as I’m starting totally from scratch, and generally not using any of the original’s sounds apart from the vocal.

What tune have you had on repeat lately?

My own – I’ve been slaving away making beats for the fast few months

What’s your current production setup? Is there any piece of gear that would be a staple throughout everything you do?

Not a big hardware head to be honest, I just have a pair of Yamaha HS50’s, a midi keyboard and a Mac running Logic. I use a lot of samples which I run through EXS24.


In terms of Djing, how do you think your style has changed throughout the years?

Probably just playing less clangers haha. I like to keep the energy levels up and play a good mixture of old/new music – if you like garage and grime then you’d probably be into it.

Besides a good soundsystem, what is the most important thing in a venue for you?

Having a wide selection of foreign beers

What upcoming releases have you planned for the year?

I have a few things in the pipeline which I will keep on the DL for now, so hopefully you’ll start seeing some new music from me popping very soon.


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