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The next in our series of interviews comes from Californian producer Kid 606. Having perfected his craft since 1998, Miguel Trost De Pedro as he’s known to the taxman, has a solid body of work behind him with releases on such labels as Ipecac Records, Mille Plateux and Tigerbeat 6 with 12 albums to his name as well as a host of EP’s, remixes and splits. His latest offering for Tigerbeat 6 is the very lovely and chilled Lost In The Game that truly show his range as a producer:


Review: Lost In The Game – Kid 606
Lost in the Game by Kid 606 is for those who like slowly revolving electronic tunes. It may be a slow burner but aspects of it stand out, while other facets are made to whirl around in the background. The album opens up with Godspeed you African American Emperor , which is, what I can only describe as a harmonically enchanting tune. A lovely lead up to the further lo-fi soundscapes Kid 606 explores.

The album progresses with more soulful tunes and often portrays an element of darker vibes such as in the tune Left Hand Pathfinder. Plenty of tunes to put the feet up to and relax in the slow synth progressions he plays with.

The album finishes off with I’m Sick but I’m not Dead and finalises the intention of a dreamy musical meandering experience. All in all, not something I’d listen to on repeat, but something I’d throw on to relax a sessioned brain.

What was it that sparked your interest in electronic music? I believe you were influenced early on,as a lot of us were, by metal.


Yeah – metal from the older brother, but then I got drawn more into industrial type stuff which just leads to things like Aphex Twin, AutechreOrbital, Seefeel, Black Dog. I’ve always been really drawn to the softer stuff but usually more inspired to do things with lots of energy or angst.


You’ve been consistently putting out releases since 1998. Are you constantly writing tunes? What do you do in your spare time?


I am DEFINITELY not constantly writing tunes, I think they would be a lot better if I was:). Does anyone have spare time anymore? If I have any, I am not to aware of it. These days I’m pretty chilled – lots of reading, studying, exercising, meditating. I used to be more of a hedonist but those days are kinda over 🙂


Your album Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You came out on Mike Patton’s Ipeac Recordings. How did this come about?
Ipecac released an album before that Down with the scene and Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You was the continuation to that. Mike Patton signed me to Ipecac after hearing my first album Don’t Sweat The Technics which I made when I was 17-18.

Your new album lost in The Game is out now on Tigerbeat 6, you’re own label. How long did you spend writing it?
All the songs except one were written in a very productive month in the middle of winter but I didn’t get around to finishing any of them till much later. Long story but I have since learned I shouldn’t pile up tons of half finished songs constantly without making a definite date to finish them, as it’s to easy to procrastinate finishing them and just keep starting new ones.This is definitely one of the annoying things about releasing your own music – no deadlines with nobody bugging you to wrap it up!


What pieces of studio kit can’t you live without you? Do you have much hardware gear?


I guess computer or monitors are the only thing I really can’t live without. I probably have too much gear in my current studio. It’s constantly changing…I really dig the Sherman Filter Bank but most hardware stuff can be more of a distraction then a benefit in the long run:)


What do you make of reviews? Is it something you pay particularly close attention to?


Enjoy the good reviews, ignore the bad ones. Sometimes they offer some deep insight that it is nice to be aware of, but usually, if I don’t personally know who wrote it I shouldn’t take it too seriously.


How do you find the electronic scene in the United States compares to Ireland and the UK?


There’s good stuff on both sides, but there is no denying the UK are the better innovators and America are the better Opportunists. but it’s traditionally America that has the much lower common denominator. For example Skrillex vs. Aphex Twin.


You’ve gone through an array of different genres on your releases. Which do you feel most comfortable making? How would you personally classify your sound?


Without sounding to pretentious I would classify it as “autobiographical” because it really is just like a musical diary and the soundtrack to my life. I think the more comfortable you get making music the more complacent it tends to be, so I try and challenge myself and not repeat things just because I can.


What Producers/DJ’s are you rating at the moment?


Magic Panda, Chris Weeks/King Bastard , Sam Barker, Christopher Willits, Loops Haunt, Objekt basically friends of mine and the recent stuff on Tigerbeat6 as I haven’t had a chance to hear much other new stuff then what people send me.


What does the future hold? Lots of touring and writing I presume?


Touring seems unlikely unless I release some more upbeat music:)  Always writing, going to finish the new album this month, it’s the complete opposite of Lost in the Game

Your three favourite tunes of all time… 

(It’s an album but kinda like one long epic song)

Big up to Kid 606 for the interview.  The album is out now and can be purchased here.

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