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This is an interview with Limerick based promotions crew Macronite that I wrote for Drop D (Representing The Underground In Limerick) but I said I’d post it here so as to have it on the blog as well. 
The Macronite crew in Limerick have been throwing immense nights for the past year bringing big name acts such as Surgeon, Equinox, Goth Trad and Loefah and Chuky to name a few to the city. They’re also responsible for one of the best festivals I’ve been to, Bump which saw them take over Clonnarra in Co. Clare last summer and throw an almighty session for two days with a wicked line up. 2012 looks even brighter with Equinox kicking things off this month on the 28th Jan and then Oscar Mulero taking over Dolans for their first birthday on Feb 18th. I caught up with them to find out more about the club and they recorded a wicked promo mix for the night that you can listen to below that showcases what the club has to offer.
We’ll start at the very beginning I suppose. How did Macronite get started?

Speaking as the Hivemind, some of us were already running nights, most in fact, and then two promotion groups became suddenly homeless… Micronite was already established in Dolan’s, and we decided to throw in our lot together and become a collective… it turned out to work much better even than we thought, instead of single-genre nights, we can now play the gamut of quality underground electronic music… Nobody only listens to one kind of music, right? So you get a broad range of music, in a great venue, on a serious sound system, once a month… and we took it from there, or maybe it took us there, we’re not sure!

What’s the basic ethos behind the club?

We represent the underground. We feel it’s not just a clubnight, it’s a proper experience, and also a community… we’re constantly working on production and details and, well, everything else, and trying to make the night the best it can be… we want everyone there to go home (at some point after the weekend!) having had one of the best nights ever, by pooling all we have as a collective and working together as a family to do what we love doing…. with some of the soundest people in the country, too!

You’re also responsible for my personal favourite Irish festival the past two years, Bump! Was this always a plan from the start, and how difficult is it to run a festival in this current climate?

We went to festivals and said…we can do this! Bump! predated Macronite, but really it was inevitable….. we’re far from festivals in Limerick and we wanted to showcase both the artists we’ve loved and the talent Ireland has to offer… As to the economics, just don’t ask…. it’s like everything else in this country, it’s tough! It’s a learning curve, it’s an experience, and a challenge, but with the right group of people behind it, you can do anything!

What have ye learned as promoters through running Macronite/Bump?The learning curve never stops…. everyday we learn more, from each other as a group, and the people we meet. And as a collective, we can achieve so much more, passing skills around, sharing and growing ideas, and that the only limits are the ones you impose yourself!

You work closely with other promoters throughout the country such as Dubculture and Electric Underground. How important is it do you think to have a good relationship with other promoters especially in a country as small as Ireland?

Well it benefits everyone, we all go to each others gigs, and we really want to see the electronic scene as healthy as it can be, and we can all help each other out, sharing ideas and such… and there’s such wicked crews in this this country with such a strong ethos, that it’s just natural… I think we all share the same ideals and values, and it’s almost like a big, and growing country-wide family!

What’s been the highlight since starting the night?

At the start, when we came together, we joked about booking Surgeon… and when we were all standing together in front of the stage when he started, well, it was emotional, and quite a moment for us! Apart from that, the atmosphere on the night is always something special, and it just keeps getting better… We’ll take this opportunity to thank all the people who make that happen every month, we’re privileged to have such a genuinely sound crowd!

You seemed to have filled somewhat of a gap in the Limerick scene but as of late there seems to be more happening of late which is great for such a small city. Do ye feel partially responsible for this?


No, we just did what we wanted to, and had to, really, do…. we’re part of a bigger picture and we’re proud to be part of it, and we’re proud to be representing our city…. there’s so much happening and it’s amazing, from all the nights doing all kinds of music, to the arts scene, Occupy Limerick, and the general feeling of community here…. There’s so much happening around the city at the minute, especially in electronic music, and people are really into it… maybe it’s the recession causing the session? It’s worth checking out, in our humble opinion.


The electronic scene in Ireland seems bigger now than it ever was. There’s more local talent and more dj’s and producers coming to these shores. Would ye agree with this and why do ye think this is?

Yes, we agree! Technology is cheap these days, music is easier to find than ever, the internet has enabled a total rewrite of how music is dispersed, as well as the community aspect… if you’re good, it’s easier to get heard, really. Also, Ireland has always been full of talent, and electronic music production enables a single person to make complete records with equipment they already have with access to an infinite world of sounds…


What’s the best thing about running a clubnight?

Quite simply, seeing the faces of the crowd at the end of the night is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world….
Getting to see acts you love on a big system is unreal, and the, uh, unwinding after the night!

Why should people from outside Limerick make the trek and check out Macronite?


We think that the experience, vibe, people, and atmosphere are different to the point of unique, and that makes it something truly special, and something to be seen & heard to be believed, really…. so…. get down and schnare on!

What does 2012 hold for the club?

We’re always looking to push on up to a higher level with our events, so we have some bigger, better, and badder plans in store… keep an eye on what we’re doing on Paddy’s Day, especially, cos that’s going to be siiiiiiiick! There’s been a lot of activity in Macronite Studios too, so expect more tunes! We recently got featured in DJ Mag, which was nice, and we intend to keep on pushing this up and up…. as we said, we don’t do limits!

Big up to the Macronite crew and below is a promo mix for the club packed full of quality tunes. Make sure and check em out anytime your in the Limerick area![

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