Mrs Jynx – Interview & Mix

It’s with tremendous pleasure for us at Skirmish to post an exclusive interview and mix with the wicked Mrs Jynx. Hailing from the North of England , Hannah Davidson has been producing lush, soulful melodies for the past couple of years under the Mrs Jynx moniker with her albums The Standoffish Cat and Shark Carousel being released on the highly respected Planet Mu label. Both albums have that distinctive Mrs Jynx sound of melodious synths encompassing one another over hip hop infused beats and her latest E.P. Atlanta , released at the start of the year on Complex Sound Sagacity,  is no different with more sublime sounds to add to her already impressive repertoire. Skirmish blog caught up with the Manchester produceress to talk music, gigs and influences and she was also great enough to throw an awesome live mix our way of her tunes. It’s  45 minutes of music that will lift your brain up and help it float away.


How did you get started making electronic music?
I studied music throughout school and then went on to do Jazz Music at university in London which involved writing for big band. I got into listening to electronic music a few years before that but was never really computer minded so didn’t think it would be something I could do. My friend Mark had an ensoniq and helped me purchase one for myself, so initially I was writing small tracks using the sequencer on that and recording tracks live to tape. I moved onto software from there. 

Your new EP Atlanta is just out on Complex Sound Sagacity. How long were you working on that? How long does it usually take you to make a tune?
It wasn’t really an EP that I set out to write as such, none of my releases work like that. The tracks selected for the EP sounded good together and were all written around the time I went to Atlanta, Georgia.  I don’t seem to spend more than 3 or 4 hours on a track and if something is not coming together after an hour or so, I ditch it. I am terribly impatient but I also think that if I start fiddling about with a tune too much I’ll end up ruining it and lose the desire to finish anything – so I don’t spend too long on stuff. 


What producers/music are you listening to a lot at the moment?
I am listening to Gasman on (Planet Mu & Gasman Music) alot – have been for years –  massive fan of his music. I am enjoying Dave Monolith’s album just out on Rephlex. I’ve followed him from the old myspace days and am loving this release. I’ve also been listening a lot to Missqulater from Japan – his melodies are fantastic. I had the honour of remixing a track of his recently for an EP he is releasing very soon on Section 27 netlabel. Also, Sint from the Netherlands, lovely melodic stuff.


How do you find your music translates live?
Hmm…a difficult one. I’ve played a few different places up and down the UK and abroad and I think it depends on the crowd a lot of the time. Sometimes I think my music is best suited to listening whilst having a cup of tea and a packet of biscuits. Having said that, each time I’ve played in Scotland it’s been fantastic – a totally different crowd and feel to the night.

What else influences you when making music?
Meeting new people, Events in my life – good and bad. Having things to look forward to. Atlanta EP was a result of all these things. They motivate me to be creative.


What advice would you have for any other producers looking to get there names out there?
Give away stuff for free if you can – it gets your name about. Remixes are always good to do for people. I’ve done enough of those things! Almost as many as I have done my own tracks! Be patient. Do it for yourself because you enjoy it – and if people like it – it’s a bonus. 

What does the rest of 2012 hold for you?
A few live shows here and there, a festival (yet to be confirmed!) and hopefully another release at some point. I’ll have to get writing some tracks before that though!
You can download the mix here

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