Ruby My Dear – Interview

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The excellently named Ruby My Dear is a French breakcore artist whose productions sway from lovely melodies to insanely intricate breaks and with both mixing nicely over one another. He does breakcore with a twist and brings something different to the scene and with his latest release, Gingko, on Acroplane, he joins a roster of other electronic artists, such as Igorrr, Amen-tal Movement, Prince Kong and others, who are doing something a bit different and releasing quality material.
I sent him some questions to find out more about him and his music.

How did you get started making electronic music?

I always made music. When I was a child, I learned guitar and bass and recorded songs on tape with a little 20 W amplifier. Then I played in a different groups with friends. I went onto to study sound in college and learned to work on pro tools. My first experience at making electronic music was in a dub band but it was nothing serious so I started to make hip hop, drum and bass and then breakcore. I hope to play in a band again in the future.

I suppose your sound would fit into the Breakcore bracket but there’s loads more going on.How would you describe your sound to someone whose never heard it?

It’s melodic breakcore. Music with hard drums, ambiance and bass and lots of samples. I do not really classify the style of music too precisely. What I like to do is mix sounds and influences that are interesting to me. . If you had to describe my music then I would say there is often a melodic line which serves as the base of the song over which I add rhythm and samples of different styles of music. I love playing with film clips, voice etc…

You recently released your latest E.P.,Gingkgo, through Acroplane, who only release quality artists. How were they to work with?Was it is a case of them approaching you to release something?

I sent the EP to Paul and he liked wanted to release it. I knew that it was a great label, love what they release and it was a goal of mine to release on it. I discovered a lot of good artists like Wagawaga, Igorrr, Filaria, Loom and Baconhead. It’s a great pleasure to be part of a label which has such high quality artists.

How long does it take for you to write a tune? Are you the kind of producer to lock yourself away in a studio for days?

It depends on whether I have the construction of the track in my head or not. Sometimes I can make tracks in 1 or 2 days. But most of the time i can start a track and come back to it weeks later and listen to what I have done and see what the best progression for it should be and then continue. I like to explore all the possibilities around the riff and see how it works with different samples. I usually start with a bass, a melody or a sample and try to construct something around and test out different ideas to see what works.

How is the scene in France at the moment?

There is not a lot of breakcore happening. I think that in France there isn’t a culture of hard underground electronic music. In Toulouse, the promoter doesn’t take any risks and puts on dnb and dubstep nights.

What producers are you listening to right now?

I listen to a lot of Vaetxh, nice sound and complex rrhythms love it! The last Amon Tobin “Isam”. I saw him in Paris, beautiful work. Mederic Collignon, Juan Esquivel, Roots Manuva, Major Lazer, Die Antwoord, and Tyler The Creator. I’m looking forward to the next Aphex Twin as well.

Where’s the best gig you’ve ever played?

I really don’t know, all are very different but I can say where is the worst: PARIS! The problem was the owner of the club, if you want to destroy a night and don’t get anyone showing up then ‘’La Regence’’ is for you, in the centre of Paris, it’s the worst place.

What does the future hold for you?

I’m preparing my new EP and have some remix projects lined up and I have some shows:

01/10 Krakow Poland
14/10 London UK
28/10 Poland
10/11 Rennes Fr
25/11 Toulouse
17/12 Hamburg

Big up to Ruby My Dear for the interview and make sure and check him out if your around for any of those dates 🙂

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