PFL11 – Interview & Live Set

I think we can all appreciate the role of the internet in making the search for tunes easier. Going through all the tracks like there’s no tomorrow and your day being made when you find the one that gets you going, good tak internet peops and providers! 
That’s exactly how I stumbled across PFL11, wandering around Soundcloud one night and I came across his tunes. He has recorded a set for Skirmish to share with you guys so check it out along with the interview below 🙂
When did you first get into electronic music? What elements stood out to you and made you think, I want to make this!?


I was born in 1980 and since from 22 years that I enjoy playing the guitar! This is the first instrument that I played … in the nineties with some friends we had pulled up some small psychedelic – punk groups. Then, in 1998 inspired by drugs and the early rave parties in Italy, I became interested in electronic music with the first music software and the old drum machine inspired by the free party at the time. 


You’ve a really interesting style of production where you make some beautiful melodic electronica and then make some savage heavy breakcore tunes too! Is it important to you that you change up your style a bit?


Hahaha … thanks! It’s true! It’s important for me to change the melody and beat, come natural to me and I try to split the track into parts that go great together, my style is a progressive introspective process. My live set ranging from IDM, Breakcore to Techno.


How long do you spend on making tracks and putting them together in a live set?


I wouldn’t know, some periods of the year .. I’m almost always playing and experiencing other sounds … I would rather do that, but unfortunately I have to work and do not have much time.


What equipment do you use for making tunes and do you find it difficult to keep the set fresh?


I use analog synthesizers, drum machines for the techno tracks and digital software RENOISE for IDM and breakcore. To keep up to date is a mess! Machines, the analog are very expensive! Although with the advent of digital syth and Softwear, spending decreased.


What’s the music scene like where you are now? Any producers you are enjoying at the moment?


I think the Italian music scene is very difficult today for an alternative musician like me. There are few producers of experimental music and is very hard to find labels.
What are your plans for 2012?


In 2012 I released a digital album for the label Analog Tecne Modell and now I’m working on other digital ep for other labels

Thanks to PFL11 for the chat! Check out his soundcloud here and mix he did for us below

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