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With Bump 2012 kicking off on Friday, one person whose closely involved with the Festival the past few years is Limerick DJ Teddy. A Macronite resident, he’s known for bashing out some seriously quality Jungle sets and having seen him a few times I’ve always been more than impressed. He plays the  Opening Party on Friday night with Loxy and Fracture, Neptune and Mecca. It’s a great way to start off a cracking weekend. He was good enough to record an exclusive mix for us which is a nice precursor of what to expect on the night. We also sent some questions to pick his brain and find out more about this years Bump festivities:


How did you get started off DJing?

Started off about 3/4 years ago when i was living with one of my mates Ronan who had a set of decks in the house. He showed me a few things messing around with old hip hop records and then i started playing techno myself and then dnb bout two years ago.

Limerick has a big history of Jungle with Subtle Audio being renowned for putting out some serious releases. How important was this for the music scene in Limerick?

Subtle Audio has been at the heart of the Limerick scene for the last decade with the label being ran from here and Codes night ‘nu killa beats’ being the monthly night for a long time in town. There was alot of really talented artists from the label representing there sound there, which was great for the Limerick scene.

What elements do you think defines a true Jungle anthem?

I suppose a big amen break has to be in there seen as how influential it has been to the genre, but needs innovative deconstruction to set it apart from the other million amen tracks that were made ‘back in the day’, a big bad bassline, lush synths, and a sampled reggae vocal either on or just before the drop in most cases.. Dillinja – Jah no ya big springs to mind:

What are the most important elements to you when recording a mix?

Track selection is definetly number one for me, and tryin to make sure the mixes sound alright, good progression through the set and you’re on the right road imo

You’ve recently began producing your own tunes. How is that going? Are you still establishing a ‘sound’ or do you just let it flow so to speak and see what comes out?

Yeah its going alright, just a bit of fun really. Mostly just doing tutorials online and messing about, getting great help from my housemate Don (http://soundcloud.com/endfindead) whos well versed in production.
Ha, im still a long way off from establishing my own sound, i think its a thing that takes a very long time, alot of dedication, and a very talented producer to develop.

You’ve been involved with Bump Festival the past few years. I know this year it’s shifted to different venues throughout Limerick. What was the reason for the change and what’s in store for people?

I think what the lads wanted to do was to make it more than just a music festival. To incorporate numerous artistic forms to the programme and focus it more on the communitys involvement with the festival was why it was moved into the city. Bump! 2012 will be spread across ten venues throughout the city centre. Singular events over the weekend will feature workshops, lectures, exclusive movie screenings and gigs featuring local, national and international artists.
Lots of suprises planned for over the weekend, not gonna give away too much yet, but i hear theres a special visual arts showcase involving the mapping of an iconic city centre building in 3D, which sounds wicked..

What’s the best set you’ve ever seen?

Best set I’ve ever seen would have to be Ben Klock at ToKo Mc in Amsterdam for the Osgut Ton party at ADE. 4 1/2 hours of the best techno I’ve ever heard.

What tunes are always guaranteed to shake a floor?

“Savage dance tunes” haha

Where do you see Jungle progressing to?

Not really sure where its progressing to, at the moment its a very small scene really compared to its ‘heyday’ which i dont know if it will ever see heights of again, but there is a few people who are still hardcore representitives of the sound and are starting up labels and making great tunes and pressing vinyls and still getting the sound out there and keeping it fresh 20 years on. Subtle Audio, Scientific wax and Ruff Revival to name a few..

What producers are doing it for you at the moment?

Been listening to alot of Techno recently. Xhin, Lucy and most of the other artists on Stroboscopic artefacts are killing it for me. 2562, Nicolas Jaar, Lone and Shed are amongst others.


Tried to pick some of my favourite tunes from all across the spectrum of dnb from the more stripped back minimal stuff to drumfunk to some old-skool jungle, to show that dnb isn’t just one dimensional like it can often seem to be.

Big Up To Teddy for the interview and mix!! Bump Festival takes place around Limerick this weekend!! Not to be missed!!


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