JoeFarr – Llarose EP – Fun in the Murky

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One of the things I admire most about the record label Fun In The Murky is manager Trevor Wilkes’ sheer passion and enthusiasm.

“The first release Joe had on Turbo caught my ear. It reminded me of Paul Birken’s stuff, but with it’s own twist. Then he had the Clock EP, his second Turbo EP came out, and I was hooked. I got in touch with Joe to let him know what I thought of his work and we began talking. The first thing we did together was “Bleep 300” which involved a fair amount of Skype video calling in preparation. During those calls I asked what had happened to the Llarose EP, an EP that Turbo Recordings of Montreal had teased with a pre-order.

Originally intended for vinyl release on Turbo I couldn’t stand it when I found it was no longer planned. I got in touch with the kind folks there and have licensed it for this vinyl release. It truly is a record I believe in.” 

The release is an absolute stomper for any record collection. You got the dancefloor and the lazers, now u got the choons.You could easily play every track throughout a set as the industrial rave stabs, 90’s vocal samples, analogue lushness, breaksy ravey techno, all contribute to super warehouse vibes.

Bigup JoeFarr for the bangers and massive respect to FiTM for the release. There’s a whole load of mixes and releases in the archives, make sure you check them out on the website here. Trevor broadcasts live every week so stay tuned on Facebook.

Buy the Llarose EP here.


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