Lakker – Lippu (Welfare’s Twisted Therapy Remix) -Exclusive Download

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Original Artwork by Stella De Búrca

We are very delighted here at Skirmish to have an exclusive first airing and free download of Welfare’s stomping remix of Lakker’s tune Lippu. The Galway producer puts his own spin on an already quality tune and had this to say about it:

“Lakker are one of my favourite Irish production/live acts and indeed were one of my first bookings as a promoter back in 07, so it was an honour to have a go at reworking one of their choons. I remixed the track blind, that is without having heard the original. They sent me the stems and I set to work stripping them down, reprocessing them and seeing what came out the other side of my mind. Bit of a journey from darkness into light in the end.”

It’s no surprise he hadn’t heard the original as they don’t sound much the same. With low end subs contorting with that haunting female vox from the original  he manages to make it sound even darker. The percussion is wicked as well – everything sits perfectly with nothing fighting for space. Lakker are one of those acts that already have incredible tunes so to be able to remix one is very brave but he’s definitely more than made it his own.

You can download the remix exclusively here. Make sure and turn the bass up!!

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