Last Step, aka Venetian Snares – ‘Sleep’ Preview

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Here’s something to look forward to: Venetian Snares, aka Aaron Funk will be releasing a new album Sleep under his Last Step alias this coming May. It’s been 3 years since his 1961 release under the same name, so we’re delighted to hear this is coming soon.

We all know how delirious you can get when deprived of sleep & I’m not referring to anything illegal here! Just that fatigue induced madness that can descend, where confusion and concentration are one. Many artists use this state for inspiration and this album is what Funk says he sounds like when he’s asleep, which is another interesting take on it…

‘For awhile, when I was really tired and ready to go to bed instead of going to sleep I would make a tune… fall asleep a lot listening to the sequences, few seconds of sleep or a few minutes, wake up in it. This is what I sound like in my sleep.’

You can listen to it here.

He has certainly kept himself busy so far in 2012, on March 5th he self-released the epic Affectionate and Fool The Detector. The latter where he makes a song mainly using analog devices to control digital devices. Nice! We’re looking forward to hearing what else he has in store 🙂

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