Lee J Malcolm Presents Terrestrial

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For the release of his first album Folded Spaces on E.P.M last year, Leeds producer Lee J Malcolm put out something deeply interesting. This week sees him return with his latest offering Terrestial. Finding time out from recording with the absolutely wicked post rock outfit Vessels, the multi instrumentalist moves from beyond the guitar to explore synths, subs and drum machines yet again. Lee J Malcolm presents Terrestrial sees him delve into his subconscious to pull out all the stuff that’s an obvious influence on Vessels but wouldn’t quite work in the group. It’s a nice progression from Folded Spaces and while it may be more laid back than it’s predecessor, there’s still moments like on Trashcan Riotface Queen and Bridge To Cross that could get you moving but ultimately it’s a post club affair to wind your head and feet down to and that’s what’s great about it.

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01. In The Pan
02. Wonder How
03. To London To Meet The Band
04. Miri Pow
05. For Dam
06. Trappings
07. Trashcan Riotface Queen
08. Yellow Bears In My Garden
09. Bridge To Cross
10. Freememake
11. We Just Might

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