Mid-Week Mix #4 – Space Dimension Controller

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Whether you’re looking for tunes to pull you out of the after session dregs left from the weekend, or just want some mid week beats and inspiration, then pull up your chair and let Space Dimension Controller take you away. The name says it all really..well most of the story at least.  Mr. SDC has an active imagination as you’ll be able to tell from first listen of his tunes. He resides in the hinterland where music, art and imagination run riot, and he’s got the story to prove it.

Jack Hamill, the man behind it all has developed the story of Mr.8040‘s adventures throughout his musical career and  has brought together elements of disco, funk, electronic-synth-bass-lush-loveness (ya..that’s a genre) into one big musical make feel good experience. Just imagine if Jem and George Clinton had a love child who was raised with the help of the Jetsons, and there you have Mr.8040.

His newest release, Welcome to Microsektor-50, available on the epic R&S label, contributes towards the latest musical adventures of Mr.8040. But if you want to find out more about how Microsektor 50 and Mr.8040 came to be, then you should listen to all his releases, and read this, which is written by the man himself.

These tunes were mixed for FACT and it’s one we’ll be going back to a lot. The FACT archive is a great source of music, so get rooting after this:


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