Mid-Week Mix – Lakker

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Hello, and thanks for checking out our new weekly Mid-Week Mix feature – [edit: the new Autnote feature]!

This series of mixes is all about hazy mornings, chilled out tunes and musical reflection. For anyone who’s into their banging tunes, we’ll have a Friday afternoon weekly feature with our favourite banging mixes to get you through the weekend too 🙂

First up in this series is an epic mix from Lakker for Invite’s Choice. The Invite’s Choice podcasts are definitely worth checking out as there’s a lot of great ones to choose from which I’m slowly working through. Tune lovers may be familiar with Lakker’s dark and banging techno/electronic/experimental tunes and mixes but for this mix they decided to deviate down the more ambient side. Here’s what one half of the duo Eomac had to say:

“Basically the mix was a chance to do something a little different for us. Nearly every mix we’ve done has been beat-heavy – similar to what we play out – so this was a chance to showcase other kinds of music that we are really into. We’ve both been influenced and inspired, individually and as a duo, by contemporary/classical music, ambient, drone, electroacoustic, folk or ‘world’ music…loads of stuff So this mix represented a selection of some of that music we love.”

The mix starts of fairly ethereal and magnificent, continuing to play with experimental sounds full of quirky soundscapes and samples.  It combines some of the best elements of  electronic music with organic, raw musical harmonies. It evokes lots of images and thoughts, and is certainly one to ease you into the day. Although it might be a bit gritty at times, I think that’s a good thing. Check it out below! 


[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/invite-1/invites-choice-podcast-126″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”136″ iframe=”true” /]


John Cage – In A Landscape (1948)
MortonFeldman – ChorusAndInstruments_II
Delia Derbyshire – Music of Spheres
Nine Ince Nails – 30 Ghosts IV
Luciano Berio – Thema – Omaggio a Joyce
Evol – ALKU-89-B
Nils Frahm – For
Donnacha Dennehy – Paddy
The User– Symphony #1 For Dot Matrix Printers – track 3 -print
Belong – Same Places (Slow Version)
John Cage and Morton Feldman In Conversation, 1967
U Srinivas – Saranambhava Karuna
Lakker – artificial – weather
Arvo Part Cantus In Memory Of Benjamin Britten
Tim Hecker – Sketch 7
Chris Clark – Pleen 1930s
Chris Watson Vatnajokull
Inanga – Zibiri zibiri (Musiques traditionnelles du Burundi )
Eileen Carpio – Hommes

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