Misha Freshin #1

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Fresh frequencies are coming your way from Dublin’s newest night Misha FreshinBlow off some steam to tunes from an all Irish lineup in the Bernard Shaw tomorrow from 8, and even better, it’s free! 

With an experienced crew behind the scenes (the raggedy mob of music crazed hoodlums that they are 😉 you can be assured you’re left in the most capable hands. I caught up with Ray from Wingnut Records about how it all came together: 

“The night came about because of Erica Bridgeman of The Bernard Shaw pub asking me to run a night. I’ve always really liked that pub and they gave me free reign to do exactly what I liked so I said ‘Yah go on so!! Not a bother!!’ But I knew that it would be no fun running it on my own so I immediately set about putting together a crew of buddies that I knew would be up for doing something thats good craic, something thats quality, and something with which we could make the most of the opportunity. So I contacted Kev Blake (Electric Underground), Caroline Ní Dhaltúin (Skirmish Blog), Marteenez Dujango and Paulie Macca (Pine For Your Loved Ones) who were all up for helping out. Then I asked Killian Redmonk to do some of his amazing artwork and we were golden. I’m thrilled to be working with this crew and mad for our first mash-up tomorrow night! What a feckin dream line-up! HYPE!” 

jpppOn the lineup along with Misha Freshin residents is Jimmy Penguin, the man behind Alkalinear Recordings and the Community Scratch Games. Check out what he’s been up to lately:

“As some of you may know, I launched a crowdfunding campaign a few weeks back to help put out a skratch record and to help promote it I’m releasing two new albums. One of these is featuring Jimmy Hatetank from Brighton and the other with Djackulate from Dublin. These are the first ‘Jimmy Penguin’ albums I’ve done since I injured my wrist in 2012 as I’ve been suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome since then but its a lot better now thanks to cumin tea and Street Fighter 4. Cumin tea is a great anti-inflammatory and playing Street Fighter with an arcade stick helped keep my wrist active and excersized. I also got to work with ‘Violins is not the answer’ a Punk band from Galway playing key-tar and engineering their albums, although I couldn’t skratch or use a computer to produce music due to my injury I could still play keys so it was great to have the band as a musical outlet during that time.

I’m really excited about putting these two albums out for a couple of reasons. The guys i got to work with on these projects are some of my favourite scratchers in the world, but also its exciting to be releasing Skratch music again because even before my injury i had kind of changed my production style from sampling and skratching vinyl to producing using hardware and software, so these will be the first proper skratch albums I’ve done since around 2010. So keep your eyes peeled for those or head over to the kickstarter page for the updates.

What you can expect from me tomorrow night is a bit of scratching, some of beats, lots of beers and all the craic!”

I’m really excited about hearing Sunken Foal’s hybrid folk, electronica and acoustic music live. His experimentation with the electro-acoustic balance leave your ears filled with rustic sounding beats, strings and all sorts of sampler fun – you’re in for a treat! 

“I’ll be playing stuff from my Friday Syndrome Vol.3 LP and from my Press Charges LP, both of which came out over the last few months on Countersunk.org. Also a rmx or two I’ve done over the last year. No laptoppery tomorrow, strictly sampler, synths and fx!”

Gig starts at 8! Free In – BOOM! 

“The plan is simple; great music, dope beats, eclectic mix and Friday-evening-good-vibes out the wazoo.”


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