Mr Jones – Sound For The Mute (The Public Stand)

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The mighty Mr Jones has finally dropped his debut album Sounds For The Mute on Dutch label The Public Stand and it was definitely worth the wait.

The producer has gone from strength to strength throughout the years putting out a slew of releases on the likes of DSNT, Heavy Reel and Afro Acid as well as collaborating with “the baron of techno” Dave Clarke as _UNSUBSCRIBE_. Whatever he releases though you can be assured it’s been quality and Sounds For the Mute is no different.

It’s a record where I feel he’s really come into his own and shows his real strength as a producer. While it’s a sond based on uncompromising techno, there’s more going on, from orchestral soundscapes to industrial  stealth. Each tune delivers a swift punch but it’s all done with ” a touch of class”, for want of a better phrase.

It’s always great when someone releases an “actual techno” record rather than this strange middle ground that some producers live in and call it techno. It’s a seriously solid release and any track would wreck a dance floor.

Pick it up on Juno on 2 x 12″ an digital

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