Neil Landstrumm Live Set @ Bastardo Electrico

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Cork’s reputation precedes itself as a haven for nights out and it’s admirable to see promoters bring interesting electronic music to the dance-floor. With the Irish Summer kicking off we’re in flying form for a weekend of banging tunes with the best, most up for it crowd around!

We’ll be throwing shapes on the dancefloor along to Neil Landstrumm’s live set on Saturday at Cyprus Avenue. The always banging, ravey and savage techno sounds he’s known for date back to the early 90s when he started gigging at Edinburgh’s Sativa club. From there he carved his path taking influence from the bleep and industrial techno trends at the time. Of course with the rave scene kicking off big time in the UK his tunes also represent a throw back to a time when rave music was just that, rave music. Pigeon holing genres and being part of the house or techno “crew” wasn’t necessarily a thing. People were there to rave on and havSS4e the craic with a loada dacent tunes, which is what we at Skirmish are always about.



Landstrumm’s career has seen him signed to numerous labels including Berlin’s fierce Tresor Records, Planet Mu’s experimental output and the highly regarded Killekill. A master of his hardware set-up he’s an example of what can be done with electronic music in a truly live set. Something which in a world of laptops and technology is a treat for any electronic music fan to see and hear. Fusing techno with elements of acid, electro, breakbeat, bass – you name it, he does it, this guy cannot be pigeon holed! It’s not very often you get the chance to see an artist such as this play in an up close club setting which is why you’re in for a treat. 

Before the shenanigans kick off at Bastardo Electrico we’re holding a BRING YOUR OWN BOOZE party at the Cork Community Print Shop. We’re a huge supporter of the Print Shop and are the proud host of it’s only electronic music night. SubSession events bring music, art and people together to party without the often expensive overheads. Here’s a bit of what to expect: Kicking off at 7pm, Shiv will play an eclectic electronic set followed by Mikey B-Side’s hip-hop selections to ease you into the evening. Next up sees SubSession resident Benson play his most upbeat juke and bassline tunes before switching to wonky techno. Brophy from Underground Sound Syndicate goes b2b with Mikey B-Side on the wonky techno buzz followed by a full set from him of techno, breaks, and all sorts of savage ravey beats to close up before heading to Bastardo Electrico. 

The Studio Sessions – Feb 21st Broadcast Shnare takeover – Michael Brophy by The Studio Sessions on Mixcloud

All money on the door goes towards keeping the Print Shop open and included in the 5er door charge is a €2 discount to Bastardo Electrico. You must show your ticket stub to avail of the discount so get in early as we’ve limited capacity. Art work on the night is exhibited from the talented Claire Guerin as part of the ongoing Exile series. ANNNND to cap it all off, we’ll be interviewing Neil Landstrumm at the Print Shop to share with you here very soon! Check out the interview he’s previously done with us here and stay updated on the event page here.

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