Nubus: Enter Morning Music

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Happy Friday everyone! Hope you’re enjoying it where ever you are! Really looking forward to getting the weekend started but before that I’m relaxing in the sun, listening to the latest release from Nubus which you should all definitely check out.


Enter Morning is available for the extremely reasonable price of 2quid on Bandcamp. And why, you may ask, would you want to purchase this release? Three reasons. Firstly, we all need a go-to-chill tune to add to that ultimate chill playlist. My chilled playlist has saved me on many a shakey after session occasion and I think this release will make a fine addition.

Secondly, Nubus has been experimenting with electronic noodlings for the last few years and he just keeps getting better and better! I literally don’t want to miss out on any of his tunes so can’t help but constantly keep checking his soundcloud page!

Last, but not least, these tunes include a lot of what I like about music today. Rich atmospheres, emotive hooks and breaks to keep the head nodding. What’s not to like? 

If you’d like to find out more about Nubus then check out his interview with Skirmish here. You can stream on the Bandcamp player below, and get buying for your personal collection. And of course share with all your friends, especially those in need of some ultimate summer chill time 🙂

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