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Limerick has a fine history in Drum and Bass and Jungle. One of the finest labels in the genre’s, Subtle Audio, who’ve brought out some deadly releases from the likes of Equinox, Alpha Omega and Polska to name a few, started and is based in the city and there’s been many a good night going on there and some of Ireland’s fiinest DJ’s and producers from the scene have come out of there. Nubus is another to add to the pack. Paddy Mulcahy, as he’s known to his parents, is only doing his Leaving Cert this year but has a wealth of tunes and experience under his belt already. At his age, I couldn’t tell a synth from a shoe so it’s great to see people making tunes at such a young age. His tunes have a nice chaotic feel while still retaining a level of ambience that is a nod to drum and bass luminaries such as Calibre and Nebula, a producer he holds in high regard. Skirmish sent him off a few questions and he was good enough to give us an exclusive tune that all you lovely readers can download below for free!


What got you interested in electronic music?
I first heard a Bloody Beetroots track after finishing my Junior Cert and wanted to know more about electronic music..I had been into metal at the time and didn’t really know anything about electronic music. Downloaded FL Studio when I was 14…But i use Ableton now 😉


What is it about the jungle sound you find so appealing?
I love the ambient intros and then the break just makes it that much better.. Nebula [ScientificWax] is my favourite artist at the moment…His tracks like ‘Unforgiven’ or the Skadi remix are sheer class..Highly recommend ye check them out lads, ye’ll know then!! I think his sound really rubs off on me, it’s easy to tell he has an influence on me.


Limerick is really after getting good for electronic music recently. Why do you think this is?
The Limerick scene is insane at the moment – literally something happening every night of the week! I think the whole chart scene using more electronic music has something to do with it.. It’s opening peoples minds to different stuff.. I mean, you can only bear the Top 40 for a certain amount of time before you go looking for the underground. Macronite is killing it, big shout out to Don, Teddy, Dan, Niki, Ruan and co!! Without Macronite I would definitely not be where I am today! I played at DIE in November, which was a great experience and theres talks of a new Jungle night in bakers too, so I’ll be in my element!


How long do you usually spend on a tune and do you have any routines?
I’m only doing the Leaving cert at the moment so I keep making tunes and leaving them… A few weeks later, I’d find a track and work on it..It depends really though.. If i find a nice sound that’s easy to work with, it would take only about 4 hours for me to get a decent enough sounding track out of it, but i’ve a filthy habit of throwing up any bit of crap on my soundcloud!!


What producers are you currently listening to a lot?
Listening to a load of Essáy.. Maya Jane Coles,too; She’s class! B-Key, Nebula and most artists from Subtle Audio Recordings.. I still listen to deadmau5′ old stuff, who was my biggest influence when I started making music.. Tracks of his like Creep are savage.


What are your plans for the future?
I’m thinking of going to Canada after college to work with Limbic Records and stuff, but it depends what the scene’s like here, really! I’ll take it as it comes I suppose!


Few words about the tune

The tune was actually one I had started and wanted to work on it with Teddy from Macronite..But he obviously hates being sound. Haha!! I used some James Brown for the intro drum beat… and what I consider to be a cool enough bassline that would shake the Warehouse any day!!
Click here to download the Nubus track Limbic for free!!

Big up to Nubus ( for the interview and don’t forget to check out his facebook for info on his forthcoming album Finally Feel At Home!!

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