Objekt Beats This Weekend

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of hearing Objekt’s handy work on the music buzz then consider yourself lucky to have two of his gigs to go to this weekend in Ireland! Having not heard him perform yet, I’m really looking forward to hearing what he’ll pull out of the bag. Since his first release in 2011 his tunes have been rinsed across the board and they certainly are tunes that make you want to run straight up to the soundsystem and get a good whack off that bass!



His own productions weave seamlessly through sounds and his sets exhibit that same taste in creating an engaging dance floor stomp worthy mix. Check this one out for now:



Both gigs this weekend are set to be an epic ordeal, and a great way to set the marker for gigs in 2013. Cork music fiends Jamie Behan and Jonezy are on support, so get in early if you know what’s good for you   ; ) While Noid the Droid bangs out the beats Bap to the Future style in Galway then. Click the posters for more details and competitions. And remember to dance like you’ve never danced before, you just survived 2012 after all! : )

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