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Now this is sick. Irish/London based P-Hocto was kind enough to give us the recording of his unbelievable set from the DON’T night on the 26th October. The bill also included Paul Birken, Luke’s Anger, Ubadog and Jerome Hill but P Hocto was more than capable of holding his own against such a stellar  lineup and managed to serve up some funky as fuck bad ass techno. Undoubtedly a firm favourite of ours here at Skirmish, he made more than a few new fans on the night as well. Having witnessed it, it takes me right back. The man himself had this to say :

“Live recording of my set from the Don’t Records Halloween party, a gig that saw the UK debut of the legendary hardware tweaker, and personal hero of mine, Paul Birken. I was on at the end of the night, right after a stomping hardware set from Luke’s Anger, so I knew I had free reign to do what I wanted. What came out was an hour and a half of techno, acid, breakbeats, rave and general heavy, funky party tunes. I had half expected the place to slowly start clearing out near the end so it was brilliant to see the whole room moving right up until the bouncer stopped me. Definitely my favourite gig I’ve played so far. Big thanks to Jerome Hill for putting me on!”

Here’s the tracklisting as well. Some absolute whoppers in there.
Surfing Bernard – Partyboy
Mark Hawkins – 13 Years Of Raving Pt.2
Tubejerk – Brainbag
Randomer – Scruff Box
Sueme & Totaluseful – R.D.A. (Recommended Daily Allowance)
EDMX – Cerberus
Tube Jerk – Flicker And Out
T. Raumschmiere – Querstromzerspaner (LFO Remix)
Dibu-Z – Pyroclastic Flow
Subhead – Untitled (Michele Fasano Remix)
Sueme – Blollocks
Milanese – Vanilla Monkey (P-Hocto edit)
Johan Platt & Boner M – Antsinplot 001 A1
The Kosmik Kommando – 802
Quick ‘N’ Smart – Akno
Vogelspeed 02 – A1
Fedka the Irritant – You Only Die Once
Sueme introducing Rob the Fucker c/o Noguskik – Cuff The Cunt
Ed Giles – The Buzz
Cane – Teknotest
Jamie Bissmire – Number And Measure (Chris McCormack Remix)
Jason Leach – Postman Phat
Subhead – Subhead 11
Noyeahno – Isn’t It Powerful?
Onken – Get Bizzy (Miami Hoedown)
Spaceface – Cable Sukka
Boris Noiz – Slashback
Steve Stoll – Back Da Fuck Up
Equinox – Pulzar (Jeff Mills Remix)
Paul Birken – Hizzup
Minimum Syndicat – Control
Vogelspeed 02 – B1
Steve Stoll – Universal Pt. 1
Boner M – Zoidar

The next Don’t happens this Friday in the 512 Bar in Dalston and another unbelievable lineup is afoot. A very Merry Xmas indeed!!


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