Play it by Ear Volume 3

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The latest Play It By Ear volume features some of the always interesting sounds coming out of Ireland. This free music haven has set out to catalogue some of Ireland’s electronic producers and so far so good. There’s definitely something for everyone in this release and it begins with a Jimmy Penguin track full of driving riffs.
The guitarist Ben Degenerate is in the band Violins Is Not The Answer with Jimmy and is a great addition to the Dented Knees tune. Jimmy’s been banging out some serious tunes over the last few years, both on his own and with his band, and has dabbled in all things electronic. Check out his soundcloud for loads of listening!

The second track on the release sees Mr.Eko bring the 303 to a new level of atmospheric funk with “My Cousins Mike and Rich”. The experimental elements are far from offputting and highlight the intricisies of the overall groove. Definitely a man worth keeping an eye on for future productions!

Glitch Hop isn’t something I come across often but it’s refreshing to hear 7AR’s  glitch-hop goodness. Bass lovers take note!

You can download all these tunes for free (in good quality too!). Handy as that!

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