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Okay, I think this is pretty fitting to start off the blog with, its is the news that Plugd Records in Cork is set to close at the start of the new year. I know Sweet Oblivion already did a brilliant piece on her blog about it but I just wanted to a little piece on it because im absolutely gutted its closing down. Of course the obvious reasons are there as Jim and Albert stated with overheads exceeding any profits coming in amongst others. It will be such a sad loss to the Cork music community as Plugd has played such a huge role in supporting local musicians by selling artists cd’s when bigger shops such as HMV and Zavvi wouldn’t take them and by putting up posters and flyers.

Although I cant say that I buy stuff in their every week, whenever I have some extra cash I love going in and buying one or two records and I love the atmosphere in the place, you can go in and listen to records and the lads always advised on music you’d like and now that the place is closing down, I feel im going to find it real hard to get records. Of course, the internet is there and you can get stuff cheap enough but there’s nothing like going into Plugd, picking up a record and having it instantly. Even if its just to call in for a chat about music or whatever else, there was always good vibes.

With the closure of the Kino in Cork last month and now Plugd, it makes this whole recession business seem far more real. When zavvi closed I couldn’t really care less but it’s when small shops close, its when it really hits home. I could blow on for hours about how gutted I am and the whole ordeal and I wont. I really do hope that Plugd can make some return in some way in the future. If money persists, im going to go in and buy as much as I can within the next few weeks.

Plugd records – You will be sorely missed

[edit – it’s back open, wahey 🙂 ]

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