Quinoline Yellow – Palisade Mount (Touchin Bass)

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 Touchin’ Bass is a label that has been known for putting out all sorts from Booty Bass to Electro. Label boss Andrea Parker has always chosen wisely and the latest cut sees the label exploring the further depths of electronica with Quinoline Yellow dropping his Palisade Mount E.P.! Luke Williams, as he’s known to the taxman, already has an impressive back catalog under his Quinoline Yellow and Tatamax and Tap Throw moniker’s out on label’s such as SKAM and his own imprint Uchelfa. His latest offering for Toucin Bass though sees him put on his I.D.M. hat yet again.

There is some seriously nice synthesis throughout the whole E.P. that give it a serious lunar feel especially on tracks like Dinas Hide and Argon of August. The Recital of Dolwen Fields is where he really comes into his own laying down some serious beats that wouldn’t sound out of place on something like Selected Ambient Works. In fact if I told you it was an unreleased Richard D James tune, you’d probably believe me. Not that he’s aping Aphex in anyway, he’s definitely got his own thing going on but being compared to someone like Aphex can’t be all that bad right?

A great E.P. that I can see myself listening to death. Sweet!!


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