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Discovering Bil Bless has made me very happy indeed. I must thank my friend Dan for introducing his music to me because he’s all I’ve been listening to since. Hailing from Austin, Texas in the good old US of A, he produces some ridiculously catchy Breakbeat inspired glitch hop. Releasing stuff since 2005 under aliases such as Son Of the Electric Ghost, The Disciple Grin and the Bil Bless moniker, his tunes sit somewhere between  Flying Lotus and Hudson Mohawke and while the aforementioned may be better known and have the might of Warp Records behind them, Bil Bless is self promoted and more than capable of holding his own. This is seen none more than in The Life Mechanism Part 1 and 2. Released a year apart, the E.P. and album perfectly showcase his style. Each track has an addictive ”bounce” to them, all carefully constructed with military precision. The sounds so subtly overtake each other, that it’s when you sit back and actually listen to what’s happening underneath the synthesis that you really appreciate the intricacy. But that’s just for music nerds like myself!! Either way, whether you care how it’s produced or not – the tracks are wicked.
All his stuff is available to download for whatever price you wish from his Bandcamp page, so check it out and decide for yourself but I’m almost certain you’ll find something about it you like!!

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