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 ruanThe next mix up on Skirmish comes from Macronite resident Ruan Flood. Having held down a residency at the Limerick club since day one he’s been lashing out the tunes throughout Ireland and abroad for the past eight years. Mixing some dark straight up techno, he’s knows how to tear the place up- whether it’s in a field at festivals like Life or Bump or supporting the likes of Oscar Mulero, Marcus Intalex and Surgeon to name a few.The mix is a solid blend of no bullshit techno and perfectly represents his style. With loads of gigs in the pipeline including supporting Northern Structures at Macronite next weekend, we also sent some questions his way to find out his take on tunes, the draconian Irish licensing laws and his influences.
I suppose first off what was it that got you into DJing?

Got into DJing when I was 13. One of the lads up the roads was selling his decks so I got them for my birthday. I used to religiously take the train up to Dublin every Saturday and spend all my money on records.

What is it about techno that you enjoy so much? 

It’s constant evolution and futuristic sound. Techno is not a fad or phase like so many other genres; it has been there from the start and always will be. Techno can have everything from industrial mechanisms to soulful funky grooves, hard or soft. It drums up ideologies inside your head – images of the future, space, machines. The drops can be like getting hit in the face with a sledge hammer

What grabs you about a track when you first hear it?

Its groove, the shuffle of drums and the kick are what catch my attention first. 

Do you approach a studio mix and live mix the same way?

I’m not really sure, I’ve only ever done one studio mix so you could say a bit more trial and error was used when doing the studio one. Usually just start laying tracks down and go with it when it comes to a mix.

What producers are doing it for you at the moment?

AND, Unbalance, Svreca, Orphx, Northern Structures, Truncate, Reeko, I could go on all day

Do you think DJ software is good for DJ’s to begin learning on?

I think it’s a good way to get into DJing but if people are serious I think they should learn how to mix records. A serious understanding of the music and it’s structure is learned from the art of mixing records. The format doesn’t really matter at the end of the day, it’s more about gaining an understanding of the art of mixing and DJing. There’s no button for that.

What makes a gig epic for you?

A good DJ and serious sound – sound makes the gig. DJs need proper sound-systems to properly portray their message.

What inspires your selection of tunes?

I suppose it’s all down to the way I’m feeling and the moment really. If I’m warming up for someone my selections will be completely different to playing out. Different tunes suit different times. 

How do u ensure you’re prepared to play any situations?

Bring 100 records and 500 gbs of music

Do you think Irish licensing laws are restrictive?

Yes of course they are. They’re ridiculous. The biggest loser when it comes to the laws are local Irish DJs. It’s very rare you’ll have a full club before 12am, it usually means the locals send their time playing to no one. It also rules out the big multi-DJ line-ups we see abroad. 

Who’s the best DJ/producer you’ve seen so far and why?

Probably Ben Klock, The man just plays records with such intensity and passion, he takes you on a journey. 5 hours feels like 5 minutes when he’s playing. 

What gigs are you looking forward to this Summer?

Bloc, Dimensions Festival, Bangface and Macronite of course.


The mix is a few tunes I’ve been into lately, pretty much techno throughout, a good mix though. Some new stuff on it by a lot of artists making great music at the moment

Ruan Flood -Skirmish Blog Mix by Skirmishblog on Mixcloud

Lucy-Superior Orders 
Bill youngman- Centrum circuit 
Jeff derringer – Passenger
Non series- Deconstruct (Marcus Sukt remix)
Henning Baer – blacktop
Shifted leather
Mark broom -M28 (Truncate mix)
Dvs1 – Confused
Rivet – Maetrist Fengler remix
Etg02 – Dimension 
Function Jerome Sydenham White light pas remix
Wax 30303 b
Barker – Like an animal
DjJ Hyperactive – I like to get down 
Lone – Crystal Caverns



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